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Statistics About Smiling and Happiness

Posted in cosmetic dentistry, Dental Care, General Dentistry, and Pediatric Dental

Did you know that smiling makes you feel better?

Studies show that not only the people who see you smile feel better but you, yourself, feels better.

This is because when we smile the brain releases chemicals that make us feel happier when we feel happy more of those chemicals are released.

Maybe your smile isn’t as good as you would like it to be; if so you should find dentist Waterloo who can help you have the smile you want.

What else do the studies say

The studies also say that people who are happy live longer. This is because people who are happy deal better with stress than those who are not happy.

People who smile more and are happy have less issues with blood pressure problems or cholesterol as they tend to get more exercise.

People who smile also have less pain than those who do not smile. Again, this is because of the chemicals the brain releases when we smile.

How to help your smile

A positive attitude helps us smile more; but what if our teeth are not great?

Then you can see your Waterloo dentist and he or she will help you determine what needs to be done to improve your smile.

Some options are:

  • Whitening can take off some stains

  • Braces if you have crooked tooth

  • Caps or crowns will help fix chipped or broken teeth

  • Veneers can cover stains that will not come off your teeth

  • Bonding helps fill gaps and shape teeth

  • Implants

  • Proper oral hygiene

  • Regular dental cleanings and checkups

There are also facial exercises you can find online that will help improve your smile.