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Four More, Common Dental Myths, Busted.

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Common Dental Myths – Why?

In today’s world, information is readily available. The problem with some sources of information is that they are not always legitimate or factual. Anyone can publish their thoughts to the internet using many different platforms. As a result, conspiracy theories and myths challenge well known truths. This blog features four more common dental myths that are simply not true.  

Myth. “Brushing your teeth more than once a day can wear down tooth enamel.”

Busted. Erbsville Dental, like most dentists, recommend using a soft bristle toothbrush and avoid brushing over aggressively your gums and teeth. Following this advice, you should not have any issues brushing twice each day. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. It doesn’t wear easily. Brushing regularly while being aggressive is more dangerous to gums and soft tissue in the mouth. A common result of brushing too hard is gum migration, or a receding gum line.

Common Dental Myths - Brushing your teeth more than once a day can wear down tooth enamel
Common Dental Myths – Brushing Too Much.
Common Dental Myths - If I Can't See It, It's Not A Problem.
Common Dental Myths – If I Can’t See It, It’s Not A Problem.

Myth. “If there is no visible problem, you don’t need to see a dentist.”

Busted. It’s important to visit your dentist two times per year to keep your dental health in good shape. Most dental issues can be prevented before they happen, and most small dental problems quickly grow to be big issues. When it comes to oral health, Erbsville Dental believes that early prevention and education is critical to maintaining your teeth for a lifetime.

Myth. “Regular dental scaling (plaque removal) weakens your teeth and loosens them.”

Busted. Dental scaling removes plaque and calculus deposits on your teeth and under the gum line. If left unchecked, teeth can quickly decay as bacteria has a safe hiding place where they can avoid being cleaned or rinsed away. Your teeth sometimes feel different after a good cleaning. But you can be sure that dental scaling especially when done by the professional hygienists of Erbsville Dental is nothing but safe and healthy for your mouth. It should be done twice per year.

Common Dental Myths - Regular dental scaling (plaque removal) weakens your teeth
Common Dental Myths – Scaling Is Unhealthy
Common Dental Myths - All dental procedures should be avoided during pregnancy
Common Dental Myths – Pregnancy

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Myth. “All dental procedures should be avoided during pregnancy.”

Busted. It is true that some things should be avoided when you’re pregnant. Unnecessary dental surgeries and X-rays for example. However, regular dental procedures such as, cleanings, fillings, tooth removal, root canals and more, can be safely done during pregnancy.

Erbsville Dental is sensitive towards pregnant clients and understands there are many things expected mom’s worry about. Dr. Mathews can explain in detail and with scientific evidence why most regular dental procedures are safe. If you have questions about what should be avoided, if you have any doubt, speak to Dr. Mathews at Erbsville Dental.