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Hockey and Missing Teeth

Posted in Dental Care, and Pediatric Dental

Common To Loose Front Teeth in Hockey

With kids back to school in Ontario it also means hockey season has begun. Parents of young hockey players know all too well that a lot of equipment is needed to keep their kids safe while playing. When you look at adult hockey players you might ask, how do you protect their teeth? Unfortunately, it’s common to loose your front teeth playing hockey (hockey teeth). How does this happen? Is it from the puck or is it from getting checked? Most often, hockey players loose teeth from high sticks. High sticking is even more common around young players learning the game.

Prevent Hockey Teeth

How can you prevent your child from loosing their teeth? Make sure they always wear a full face shield. NHL stars wear 1/4 shields that protect down to the bridge of their nose but do nothing to protect their teeth. They also have endless funds to use on extensive repairs. If you do not, then a cage (like the children in the attached image are wearing) or a plastic full shield is needed. Mouth guards prevent teeth from getting chipped but do little to protect from the impact of a hockey stick. Keep your kids safe this year! Whether they are in an arena or just playing outside, make them wear that cage and mouth guard at all times while enjoying this beautiful sport. Erbsville Dental cares about pediatric dental health and believes prevention is the best solution.

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