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How do Custom Sports Mouthguards Protect Athletes?

Posted in Dental Care

Athletes who play contact sports or engage in rigorous activities are in danger of facial injuries or mouth injuries. Mouthguards are designed to protect the mouth and teeth from serious injuries when an impact occurs. It is estimated that injuries to the facial area are responsible for about 5 million teeth being knocked out each year. Mouthguards are a necessary piece of sports equipment to prevent or minimize these types of injuries.

Why Custom Sports Mouthguards are Preferred

There are two basic types of mouthguards. They can be custom-made to fit the athlete, or a general one can be purchased over-the-counter. Studies are now indicating that custom-made are preferred over store-bought mouthguards. Custom-made mouthguards fit more comfortably and do not shift around in the mouth allowing for areas to be unprotected during sports and play. Custom-made models have been shown to reduce the risk of a concussion and other mild brain injuries for wearers.

Store-bought mouthguards are more durable than over-the-counter products. And they are thicker, which means additional protection for the athlete. In most cases, custom mouthguards are not as susceptible to damage if there is impact.

Protective Mouthguards

Mouthguards are worn by athletes to help protect them from facial injuries and injuries to the mouth. More specifically, they can offer protection from several different types of sports-related injuries such as:

  • Lacerations to the area of the mouth
  • Protect the teeth from breaking
  • Protect the athlete from losing teeth
  • Protect from teeth becoming displaced in its socket
  • Protects from facial bone fractures
  • Helps prevent injuries to the neck

How to Care for a Custom-made Mouthguard

Wash the mouthguard every time after it is worn and keep it in a well-ventilated storage container when it’s not in use. See a dentist twice yearly to ensure it remains structurally sound and it fits.