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How Much Dental Sedation Costs to Working Professional

Posted in Sedation Dentistry

The costs of sedation dentistry can vary between dental professionals. For the most part, dentists try to keep costs to a minimum so it is reasonable for most to afford it. Many dentists charge a flat per hour fee. This fee includes everything including the staff supervision needed prior to, during and after the procedure.

After the first hour, time is typically accrued in increments of 15 minutes. This ultimately saves the patient money as they are only charged an hour and a half for 90 minutes of anesthesia. Some of the cost associated with sedation dentistry will depend on whether a patient requires it to be administered orally, intravenously or by inhaling.

Why opt for sedation dentistry? Is it worth it?

Many people might wonder if the extra cost is worth having sedation dentistry. For those who suffer from anxiety over going to the dentist, sedation is definitely worth the additional cost. This helps a patient feel less pain and less discomfort during a treatment or procedure.This helps a visit to the dentist be less stressful on patients who tend to worry about it. It is also a good practice for children as it will put them at ease during their appointment.

What are the types of sedation used?

Sedation can be minimal, moderate, or deep.  Minimal sedation is the least expensive and you will remain awake, but relaxed. Under moderate sedation, you may start to slur your words as if you were inebriated, and you may not even remember the procedure at all. Deep sedation will keep you on the edge of being conscious, but you’ll be easily awakened. The deeper the effect, the more expensive it is to administer as a general rule. If you need to be completely unconscious for the procedure, you may be given a general anesthesia.