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Looking Forward To Your Next Dental Check Up

Posted in Dental Care, Dental Implant, and General Dentistry

Most patients have this stigma about a standard dental check up. They often think that dental appointments involve an uncomfortable operation in their mouth and teeth. Sadly, kids have this way of thinking although some of them haven’t been in one before. Fortunately, dentists upgrade their clinics now and promote the use of modern tools that are safe and painless. It also helps to design the establishment with kid-friendly areas to make children more comfortable during their visits.  

Importance of dental check up


A regular dental check up is crucial to prevent you from developing oral diseases. More often than not, most of you tend to brush your teeth in less than 2 minutes. You’re probably in a hurry or maybe you believe it was simply enough. Without your Ontario dentist to check on your teeth regularly, bacteria might start to grow in your teeth. If you can’t prevent this from happening, you’re already at risk of oral diseases such as periodontal disease and mouth sores. Aside from this, dentists might also suggest dental devices for patients who are active in sports or have bruxism issues. Mouthguards could prevent teeth damage from external trauma or teeth grinding.  


It’s important to keep your teeth healthy that’s why you need a dental check up. During the visit, your dentist would do a more thorough cleaning in your teeth. Especially in nook and crannies you can’t reach, your routine dental check up will help you sweep off those areas. This involves oral prophylaxis and flossing.  


Most of the time, bacteria buildup easily escapes your keen vision. Actually, this occurrence might not let you notice it since bacteria are microscopic for your naked eyes to see. By then, it would be too late to apply prevention. With regular dental check up, your dentist detects those early signs of oral issues with the use of dental machines and tools. Aside from disease and infection, your dentist could detect malocclusion problems that will need an immediate remedy. 


Your routine dental check up will not only include a comprehensive dental examination. If after the tests your dentist sees an issue that needs to be treated, he will recommend a dental treatment. Especially for younger patients who need treatment support to protect their teeth, there’s fluoride treatment or dental sealants. If you need a more complex procedure, you will have a follow-up visit after your regular dental check up. 

If you’re going to have a dental check up in London Ontario, be sure to be on time. This allows your dentist to tend to every dental need and questions you have about your dental health. Make sure to also heed his advice so you achieve and maintain optimal oral health.