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Up to 60% Less to Straighten Your Teeth. But is There a Catch?

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Most likely you have seen the commercials from Smile Direct Club as they are aggressive promoters. Smile Direct has been delivering clear braces in Canada and the US since 2014 and are currently the leading provider of clear aligners. Many are asking… is it something you can do without the help of an orthodontist. Is DIY teeth straightening safe?

Something to Consider

Here are a few things to consider if you compare Smile Direct (the DIY approach) VS Invisalign (Orthodontist directed). SDC (Smile Direct Club) charges $65 for the DIY (Do It Yourself) home dental impression, Invisalign includes a free iTero Digital Scan of your mouth. SDC provides no supervision throughout the process, Invisalign includes unlimited dental visits. SDC does not include any needed attachments where Invisalign includes attachments as needed. Once your goals are reached Invisalign includes 4 sets of lifetime use retainers, but SDC continues to charge $99 every 6 months ongoing. SDC results are not guaranteed where Invisalign has a 100% satisfaction rate.

Initial Consultation

As mentioned, the SDC provides zero supervision. This is a problem because many times pre-existing dental issues need to be corrected before someone can start using aligners. Also, some dental issues can develop during the process of alignment requiring a dentists help. It is recommended you at least consult your dentist before starting any alignment treatment.

Invisalign is only prescribed and supervised by a qualified Invisalign provider like Erbsville Dental. Dr. Mathews can determine whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign and help with any dental issues that should be sorted first.

A Good First Impression

The way your mouth is initially mapped is crucial because it determines the duration and evolution of the upcoming aligners. The chances of something going wrong are higher when your doing it yourself at home using a mold. A bad mold can lead to “unpredictable results.”

The iTero Digital Scan is a much more precise way to map your mouth and teeth. Only certified Invisalign dentists can preform the actual scan making a bad impression much more unlikely. The other significant benefit with Invisalign is that your dentist bases the treatment and your aligners around your needs and circumstances.

Just Your Front Teeth

SDC is focused on straightening your front 6 teeth just the ones people can see, but Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment for your whole mouth correcting facial asymmetry, Jaw alignment, overbite, underbite, and other conditions.

Your Decision

What ever you decide, you can count on Erbsville Dental to support your dental health. Invisalign is a better choice for clear aligners for many reasons, most significant is the need for monitoring the process by someone qualified to spot problems and complications that do happen.

Talk to your dentist Dr. Stephen Mathews about Invisalign the “clear alternative to braces.”