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Overcoming Your Children’s Fear of the Dentist

Posted in Dental Care, Pediatric Dental, and Sedation Dentistry

Lead by Example

You may have been successful in helping to quell you kid’s fear of monsters in the closet, but what happens when you share the same fear? We all know the importance of regular checkups and routine dental procedures especially when we are young. No doubt as a good parent you want what’s best for you child. Therefore, your fear of the dentist is unhealthy. If your child is to develop a good attitude about his/her dental health, a good example must be set by you. If you don’t have a habit of brushing, it will be hard to implement a proper brushing schedule for your children. Let them see it’s important to you, lead by example. As early as 3-4 years old, talk casually about why our teeth are important. Ask them questions like; why is brushing important? And what are some ways that they can look after their teeth?

1st Dental Visits

1st dental visits should start before a child fully comprehends what the purpose of the visit is for. These visits are all about maintaining a calm atmosphere and making it a positive experience. Kids are good at picking up on (and imitating) your emotions even at a very young age, so be aware to purge your negative feelings for this initial visit. As they get older be honest and open about what happens and why when at the dentist and gradually encourage your children to take responsibility for their own teeth.

Erbsville Dental is Caring, Friendly, Experienced

Remember your success will depend on your example. Work on overcoming your own fears of the dentist chair and it will go a long way to help your children. Remember, Erbsville Dental can help with sedation dentistry and Dr. Stephen Mathews will always answer any questions you might have. He is also great at tactfully answering you children’s questions, teaming up with you to make it a positive experience.