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Looking Back at Oral Health Month

Posted in Dental Care, General Dentistry, and Pediatric Dental

Looking Back

April is almost over and so is National Oral Health Month. Looking back at your focus on dental health, how did you and your family do? If you are not doing well with starting a good oral health routine yourself or for your family, don’t worry, there is still time left in April. You can still spring into better overall health by focusing on your teeth and gums.

“Oral Health for Total Health”

The Canadian Government has a vested interest in all of us because they run one of the most inclusive health systems in the world. Your dental health matters! At it says this, “April is Oral Health Month in Canada – an opportunity to emphasize the importance of maintaining good oral health as part of a healthy lifestyle. The theme this year is “Oral Health for Total Health.” It’s a well-known fact that a healthy mouth can translate into better overall health. It’s the main reason governments around the world have a special focus on dental health each spring.

Making a Difference

We all naturally develop habits and routines, but children quickly accept routines like a dental regiment in the morning and at night. Erbsville Dental recommends brushing at least 2 minutes twice a day, and ideally 30 minutes after you eat. The importance of teaching your kids to do this can’t be understated, as it could be the difference between a life long healthy record or struggling with unnecessary issues.

Looking Back at Success

If you are looking back at this month with a level of success regarding improving your family’s dental health, then congratulations are in order. You accomplished something significant and something that isn’t always easy. Moving forward, don’t let anything get in the way of maintaining what you have built. Again, it is more important than you may know. Health issues from poor oral health can be subtle and, in some cases, devastating. You have protected your family from a threat, you are a good parent, keep up the great work!

Caring, Friendly, Experienced

Many use this special event as a date marker to get back on trac with missed dental appointments. Did you know 20% of Canadians avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety? Visit Erbsville Dental where we do everything possible to remove anxiousness and provide excellent care. Erbsville Dental is Caring, Friendly, Experienced. Make an appointment today!

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