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Make Good Use of Summer

Posted in Dental Care, General Dentistry, and Studentcare Network

Make Good Use of Summer with Erbsville Dental

You may have noticed a change when you look out your window today. According to weather specialists in South-West Ontario we have turned a corner, and warmer, sunny days are here to stay! With better weather and the coming of summer comes optimism and opportunity. How can you make good use of summer, and what does it have to do with Erbsville Dental?

School’s Out!

In a few short weeks primary, secondary, college, and universities will all be excused for summer holidays! One of the things COVID-19 taught all of us is that we can’t take our education or our children’s education for granted. Many are catching up on skills that were not taught as effectively if they would have been in person. Others lost valuable time on apprenticeships or degrees and don’t want to waste a single moment of in-person class time. Such ones can make good use of summer holidays by scheduling appointments that would usually mean missing class for.

Time Appointments Right

Many, take advantage of holidays to book dental appointments. Some choose to book early in the summer so that their next scheduled cleaning could take place during Christmas or winter holidays. Doing the major checkup including annual x-rays in early summer also makes most follow up appointments for repairs take place during summer as well.


This time of year also means parties, weddings, proms, and lots of time with friends. It’s a good time to get your teeth cleaning and whitening done so you can look your best for inevitable selfies and pictures. Erbsville Dental also offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry for those concerned about their smile.

For Those Who Are Working

For those past the school age, there are advantages to booking dental appointments during holidays or scheduled days off. Who wants to lose pay because of reduced hours from necessary dental appointments? You may feel it’s already difficult to take any time off work. Use unscheduled time off to recover from illness that befalls us all, not planned time off for routine dental work. Erbsville Dental makes it easy if you can’t get the time you need, they have after hours appointments available.   

Avoid the Rush

Booking in early summer has the added benefit of getting the time you want as it’s typically a slower time for dental practices. Late summer is often flooded with kids trying to prepare for school that may have put off regular appointments for more entertaining summer activities. Therefore, book now! And save precious in-class time and money by making the best use of summer.

May your spring and summer be full of great company and good weather! We hope to see you at Erbsville Dental, Waterloo.