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Masks the “New Normal”

Posted in COVID-19, and Dental Care

The New Normal

The “new normal” means that in addition to your keys and wallet, you now must grab your mask when leaving the house. There is a newfound caution in the community, we all want to protect ourselves and others. As things open again, you may be just getting the hang of this new pandemic wear, many wonder, do I even need to wear a mask? The answer is YES.


The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends you wear a non-medical mask when in public to protect the people around you from COVID-19 transmission. The Ontario Government has also asked everyone to wear masks in public, as an essential part of their reopening initiative.

Many viruses including COVID-19 are spread by tiny droplets from others when they breath, cough, or sneeze. All properly worn masks (covering the nose and mouth) prevent those droplets from travelling as far through the air.

As we have learned, many people can be infected with COVID-19 and not have any symptoms. They could either be asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic. That is why everyone needs to wear a mask.

What Kind of Mask Should I Use?

The type of mask you wear is more important than you realize, and the deciding factor should be what you do? Health care workers need specific types of masks to keep them safe while they help others. Currently there is a major shortage of N95 (masks that filters at least 95% of airborne particles) and Surgical type masks (filter around 89%).

Imagine this situation… You visit your doctor or dentist. While they are examining you, you realize you are wearing the medical type mask they need, and they have run out and are forced to use something inferior to treat you. Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable? This illustration has become reality. It highlights the need for most to follow the governments recommendations to wear non-medical masks.

Home made masks made from cloth can be washed and reused. Although there has been much debate about their effectiveness, they can provide a significant amount of protection. Some of the initial worries from health officials were that some would become overconfident and contract the disease because of their mask. Remember masks primarily protect others.

For shopping, visiting your dentist, or visiting your neighbor, fabric or homemade masks for you and your family (including kids) should be your first choice.

Please Wear a Mask

Erbsville Dental staff are concerned about your overall health as well as your dental health. We would never want to turn anyone away, in the same breath we need to be compliant with the Provincial and Federal Governments requests. If we can, we will accommodate our clients with anything they need to be treated safely. Though, currently we ask that all our patients (including children) wear a mask to the clinic. We appreciate your cooperation and your efforts to keep others safe.