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What Type of Mouthguard in Waterloo should you Use?

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There are different mouth guards & appliances in Waterloo for different issues.

What type of mouth guard you should use will depend on what issue it is being used for.

To make sure you choose the right mouth guard or appliance, speak to your dentist.

Mouth guards for sports

Everyone who participates in sports, especially contact sports, should use a mouth guard.

There are two types of mouth guards you can purchase for sports.
First, you can purchase an over the counter mouth guards waterloo. These are the type that you boil and bite to fit your mouth. While they are less expensive, they do not always fit well and offer less protection to the teeth and face.
Second, you can purchase a dental mouth guard. The dentist will fit you properly for the mouth guard. This provides more protection since it is a snug fit to the teeth and oral cavity. It can also help reduce concussions.

Mouth guards for sleeping

There a couple different reasons you would need a mouth guard for sleeping

  • Teeth grinding or bruxism which can cause damage to teeth and lead to TMJ
  • Sleep apnea you should speak to your primary physician or doctor handling your sleep apnea as well as your dentist on this
  • Snoring which cannot only disturb your sleep but your partners sleep as well

These mouth guards Waterloo, should also, be fitted by a dentist if you want to achieve proper results and maximum comfort.
Waterloo dentist

A Waterloo dentist can determine which mouth guard or appliance you need, fit you properly, and help you learn to use it properly.

If not fit properly you or your child will not wear it leading to damages to teeth, lips, gums, and jaw, or even concussions.