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Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

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Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry That Are Not True

Are you under the impression that cosmetic dentistry is out of reach for you? Don’t let false information deter you from getting the look you want. Cosmetic dentistry at Erbsville Dental means more than just looking good, it’s closely linked to better overall dental health. This post will provide you with current and accurate facts about cosmetic dentistry in Ontario and try and dispel the myths you may have heard.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Only for the Rich and Famous

Some feal that cosmetic dentistry is too expensive, an unaffordable luxury. However, dentistry has evolved with new materials, techniques, and technology making it more affordable than ever to have dental work done for cosmetic reasons alone. The truth is that most cosmetic treatments also improve the function and the health of your teeth and gums. Straightening teeth and removing spaces or gaps also removes potential hiding spots for bacteria and debris that weaken teeth and cause gum disease.

Most insurance plans have some allowance for restorative procedures like crowns, and implants. Orthodontic treatments like Invisalign are also more commonly partially funded by even basic insurance plans. Check your policy carefully or ask the reception staff for help with information about what is covered, you may be surprised.

It Will Cause Long Lasting Pain

Some people associate the dentist with pain. There is even a significant number that avoid check-ups for fear that something may need to be repaired. In Canada almost 20% admit to this, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Dr. Mathews at Erbsville Dental has a gentle and caring touch. Everything is done to make your experience as comfortable and pain free as possible. Freezing is used to numb sensitive areas associated with specific treatments and sedation is offered to reduce anxiety. Depending on they level of sedation you may remember little or none of the procedure.

New ways to reduce the invasiveness of dental procedures are of interest to Dr. Mathews who uses technology to provide the safest and best care possible. Nothing done at Erbsville Dental should ever cause lasting pain.

Cosmetic Dentistry Will Look Unnatural

There may have been a time where this was a legitimate concern but today “false teeth” look and feel like the real thing. Veneers, crowns, and implants are customised to fit the person in every way, to the point that no one could ever guess which teeth are natural and which have been made. New materials are made to match the rest of your teeth in form and color. Even orthodontics has changed from the unmistakable and obvious, to the “clear alternative” to braces, Invisalign. Remember when you used to fear the potential social anxiety braces might have on your child? Now, you can straighten their teeth privately.

At-Home Kits Are Just as Effective

Better dental technology comes with more choices for whitening and straightening your teeth. Can you cut out your dentist and still get the same results? Invisalign is offered at dental clinics so that the process can be monitored by a dentist for a reason. It gets the best results that are permanent, and you avoid negative consequences of over or under correcting. Not to mention, your dental health stays intact during the process.

The question of whitening at the dentist VS doing it at home can be answered in our recent post “The Whitening Experience”.

Ignore the Myths, Reap the Rewards

If you would like to know more about cosmetic dentistry, and how it can benefit the function and appearance of your teeth, call our office today to schedule an appointment. Ignore the myths about cosmetic dentistry and enjoy the benefits that come from a beautiful smile.