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Myths About Wisdom Teeth Prevent People from Removal

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Fake News About Wisdom Teeth Removal

In this information age we hear an increasing amount of conspiracy theories and what some call “fake news”. In Western societies there is no real regulation for what is written on the internet. Many people trust the internet and believe anything they read. The truth is you need to be shrewd and check your sources before you accept wrong ideas as fact. Anyone can publish their thoughts on a website or blog, there is no special license or control in place to decide what is valid or not, truth is relative. Today’s post is an example of the harm false information can cause regarding myths about removing wisdom teeth.

Actual Myths About Wisdom Teeth

In some developing countries a large group of people suffer from wisdom tooth related problems because they won’t have them removed in fear of invalid complications. One study from India had 68% of those poled believing that they would lose their eyesight if they had their wisdom teeth extracted. Some of which had suffered from very severe effects of wisdom teeth erupting awkwardly. You might conclude that only very uneducated people would believe such a story. However, the study was carful to include educated professionals. We are all susceptible to inaccurate information no matter our social-economic status, cultural beliefs, or educational background.

Other similar false beliefs about wisdom teeth include:

  • A person should never have their wisdom teeth removed.
  • Sneezing problems come from wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Medications are available to cure any wisdom tooth problem.
  • Facial deformities are the result of wisdom tooth removal.
  • Wisdom tooth removal causes cancer.
  • Chewing ability of other teeth is lost after removing your wisdom teeth.
  • Other teeth become loose after wisdom tooth removal.

Where Can You Get Reliable Information?

Many educated people believe such myths about wisdom teeth. It begs the question, where can you get reliable information regarding wisdom tooth extraction? Go to the Source. Ask a maxillofacial surgeon the reasons for wisdom tooth removal and reason for yourself if they make sense? Before they are removed, ask to see a digital X-ray of your wisdom teeth, and get your dentist to point out the issue. Ask an experienced dentist about what they see as reasonable outcomes of surgery or extraction including any complications.

Erbsville Dental is a reliable source for information regarding any dental health question. Both Dr. Mathews and Dr. McIntosh have many years of experience and have helped thousands of people with dental issues including wisdom tooth extractions. Background information is freely available regarding their experience and education on this website under the “Our Team” section. They also encourage and welcome any of your questions regarding dental health. No question is a bad one. So, if you have read anything dental related that you are putting off getting help for a problem because of, reach out to Erbsville Dental for accurate information. Then you can proceed with confidence Knowing you make smart, informed decisions that will result in better dental health.

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