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Myths About Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Posted in cosmetic dentistry

Having a beautiful smile is important to most people and for some who have less than perfect teeth, it can be difficult. A Cosmetic dentist in Waterloo can create or restore a beautiful smile. However, some people have not sought dental treatments in Waterloo because they have some misconceptions about cosmetic dentistry. Here are four of the most common myths you’ve probably heard about cosmetic dental treatment in Waterloo.

Myth Number 1: It’s Never Really Necessary

It is true that most cosmetic treatments are for looks, but that’s not always the only purpose behind the treatment. Cosmetic dentists in Waterloo use procedures to restore or preserve a person’s smile, but the treatments can also help fix dental problems too. Replacing a tooth or enhancing a smile can improve the look of a person’s smile as well as fix an existing problem, like a missing tooth for example. Ignoring a broken tooth or a malocclusion can end up causing disease, more pain or tooth loss. Cosmetic treatments can promote health and proper dental function.

Myth Number 2: It Might Damage my Natural Teeth

There was a time when many cosmetic treatments didn’t preserve a natural look. However, modern dentistry has evolved and today’s technology and advanced procedures produce a natural look while preserving the natural structure of the teeth. No cosmetic dentist in Waterloo will perform an unwarranted procedure or one that might compromise your dental health. Treatments such as onlays and inlays, or fillings actually save more of the tooth’s structure and increase their longevity.

Myth Number 3: Cosmetic Dentistry is Too Expensive

Over the last several years, the costs for cosmetic dentistry has decreased and become more affordable. With the advancement of treatment technology, many more options have become available to enhance and improve the smile. While insurance doesn’t always cover teeth whitening procedures, it may cover at least a portion of treatments such as crowns and implants. Remember that minor restorative treatments can oftentimes prevent the need for costlier, more invasive procedures later on.

Myth Number 4: Cosmetic Dentistry is Painful

The pain associated with dental procedures causes many patients great anxiety. But today’s dental professional has made patient comfort a priority. No matter what type of dental treatments in Waterloo, dentists will help find a solution to prevent it from being painful. Discuss your concerns with your cosmetic dentist and let them find a solution that works for you.