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New Flossing Products

Posted in Dental Care, General Dentistry, and Pediatric Dental

New Flossing Products That Make Flossing Easier

Last week we talked about how to Make Flossing Easier. This week we want to draw your attention to some unique new products that can help. Many people struggle to floss back teeth especially molars. GUM, Oral-B, T-Slide and other companies have made innovative products that focus on the ergonomics of flossing. Some aspects of these products are available while still in patent pending stages. Therefore, why not give them a try and see if they make flossing easier for you? Let’s look at a few and their features.

GUM Angled Flossers with Pick

The GUM angled flosser features an ergonomically shaped handle that makes reaching deep into the mouth with one hand less awkward than using traditional floss and two hands. The floss is said to have a satin-like finish that is extremely soft and gentle and resists shredding, breaking, and sagging. The floss also has a very concentrated mint flavor to leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. On the other end there’s a sturdy and flexible sharp pick for reaching into the tightest spaces. This product is excellent, but some still have trouble reaching molars without a bit of a struggle.

New Flossing Products GUM Flosser
New Flossing Products GUM Dual Flosser

GUM Dual Technique Flossers

Next is the GUM Dual Technique Flosser. This innovative design makes reaching the molars much easier with one side designed specifically for that reason. The “back teeth” end is angled sharper and can be used both facing down or on its side to comfortably clean between back teeth. The same side of the flosser has the new “patent pending” twisted double floss which boasts a 30% better coverage of surface area. The dual flosser also comes in mint flavor, which is surprisingly potent for the tiny source, the ½’ long floss. This product is also very good, however a combination of the two products covers all angles.

Oral B Glide

The Oral B Glide is the one to buy if you struggle with teeth that are very tight. Their patented “glide” is a substance added to the floss and claims makes it 50% easier to use on tightly spaced teeth. The all favorite “mint flavored scope” is also infused with the oral-b glide and the floss to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. The floss itself is also different than others in texture making it less resistant to catching or getting stuck.

Oral B Glide
T-Smile Kit

T.Smile Evolutionary Clean Dental Flossers

The last product getting a mention in this post is the T.Smile Evolutionary Clean Dental Flossers. These come in a kit with replaceable heads. This flosser has a much more substantial handle that is much more ergonomic to use, especially if your fine motor skills are lacking for any reason. If you struggle to hold on to the much smaller flossers mentioned, then this is the flosser for you. Although, more than double the cost, these are still reasonably priced for what you get and have value if it means flossing is easier.

The Floss Used Most Often is the Best

There are obviously many more products out there designed to make flossing more ergonomic and easier. The best flossing device, however, is the one that is used regularly. Everyone has different dental needs, and no product is the best for everyone. You must try a few and decide for yourself. Let your Hygienist know if you’re struggling to floss, their full of great ideas.