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New Years Resolutions – Dental Health

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Dental Health

With only a few days left in December many have already started to plan some new years resolutions. For some it might mean drinking less alcohol or quitting all together. Others may be resolved to get in shape. Erbsville Dental would like to offer another suggestion. In your 2022 resolutions, why not include achieving the best dental health possible. In just a few weeks you will notice a change, even if you have been neglectful for long periods of time. Who says you can’t make more than one resolution? Add a health white smile to your list. How can it be achieved?

Daily Routine

Probably the most important step in improving dental health is your daily routine. Brushing and flossing at least 2 times each day is recommended. (For information on how to brush and floss see “How to Brush and Floss Properly?”) Using a mouth wash is yet another way to remove even more bacteria and protect your teeth. Choose one with fluoride, as many regions have removed it from city water supplies. Another part of your daily routine should also include avoiding foods that promote tooth decay or can be a hazard to teeth. (see “The 8 Worst Foods for Oral Health”) Just like physical training, a lifestyle change is often needed, but you are worth it!

Regular Visits to Your Dentist

Second to a good routine is regular visits to your dentist. Visiting Dr. Mathews every 6-9 months (or as often as your insurance allows) is necessary for good oral health. If you haven’t been to the dentist in years, be resolved from today forward not to miss another appointment. Book now for January 2022. Erbsville Dental uses digital Xray’s to find existing problems like cavities and wisdom tooth issues often before you’re aware of them. Correcting small problems early is less invasive, less painful, and less expensive. Prevention is your best defence against tooth decay and gum disease. Even with a perfect routine people still get cavities, and nothing can prevent awkward tooth eruptions except early detection and removal.

Whiten Your Teeth

Once you get your teeth back to health, you can start whitening. There are many safe over the counter whitening products. You can also ask Erbsville Dental about their teeth whitening service. Erbsville Dental offers many different cosmetic dental services. Years of neglect might mean significant staining of your teeth. Brushing after coffee, wine, and other known contributors may also help you on your quest for white teeth.

Quit Smoking

Smoking does more than just stain your teeth. (read “Smoking and Oral Health” – WebMD) It also causes bad breath, allows plaque and tarter to build up faster, increases risk of gum disease, and a whole list of other negative consequences. It is by far one of the worst things we do to weaken our oral health. If you make a new years resolution for dental health then try your utmost to include quitting smoking, they go hand in hand.  

Don’t Let COVID-19 Stop You

Ontario has reported 4500 new cases of COVID-19 today. Even with the pandemic surging again, Erbsville Dental is safe for general dentistry and for oral surgery including wisdom tooth removal. (read A Safe Place) Since the pandemic started and even before, Dr. Mathews has had in place many standards and practices to avoid viral and bacterial transmission. If you have issues with your teeth, perhaps you need wisdom tooth removal and fear being exposed to COVIDE-19? Be assured that every precaution has been taken to keep you safe at Erbsville Dental. There is no need to wait for excellent dental care.

Happy Hollidays

No matter what you resolve to do or don’t, the staff at Erbsville Dental wishes you and your familly all the best during the holidays and beyond.