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Nitrous Oxide Sedation: Helping Children Relax During Dental Treatment

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Most children struggle to relax when they sit on the dental chair. Not only do they feel uncomfortable with the dentist, yet they also develop a fear of going through dental treatment. They end up crying and not wanting to continue with the treatment or worse, not see the dentist anymore. That’s why dental professionals come up with a safe way to put them in a relaxed state through nitrous oxide sedation. It’s a sedative mixed with oxygen that a young patient inhales through a tiny mask fitted over his nose. This sedative, commonly known as laughing gas, helps patients feel comfortable and relaxed during dental work. The sedation dentistry cost is relatively lower when patients opt for nitrous oxide with oxygen as a sedative. 

Children need to pass the dentist’s assessment before they are given nitrous oxide and oxygen through inhalation therapy. In most cases, dentists recommend this option to patients who have the tendency to cooperate yet they are anxious or fearful. 

How nitrous oxide sedation helps children relax?

Nitrous oxide sedation gives minimal sedation effect, however, it quickly kicks in as the patient inhales the laughing gas. It reduces his feelings of anxiety and it keeps the child from moving while the treatment is ongoing. Although this type of sedative blocks the patient’s ability to feel pain, he is still  given a local anesthetic. It will be easier to administer local anesthetic through injection once the sedative kicks in. 

The young patient remains conscious and is able to carry out verbal instructions from the dentist. His vital signs are stable and there is no risk of him losing his protective reflexes. The sedation dentistry cost is worth it as your child comfortably and safely goes through his dental treatment. The effects of the sedative subside as soon as the dental staff removes the mask from his nose. Then, your child is able to return to his regular mobility. 

Purpose of nitrous oxide sedation

It’s important to know how nitrous oxide sedation helps your child during his dental visit. 

  • It reduces or eliminates the patient’s anxiety. 
  • It limits the patient’s physical reaction to dental treatments.
  • Increase of the patient’s pain threshold. 
  • Enhancement of your child’s cooperation and communication with his dentist. 
  • It lowers gagging reflexes. 
  • Your child is able to tolerate and complete complex dental work. 

Sedation dentistry cost for nitrous oxide is as low as $60 CAD. As a result, your child can already go through any type of dental treatment with ease. Talk to your Waterloo dentist about sedation dentistry and let your child experience a relaxed and pain-free dental appointment.