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Sedation Dentistry: A Comfortable Dental Experience For You

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Some patients would rather choose not to receive dental treatments because of anxiety, then sedation dentistry comes to the rescue. Dentists incorporate this into their practice to provide a relaxing dental treatment experience. It enables patients of all ages to receive the proper oral care they need. According to studies, 30% of the population avoid their dentist due to fear. This is a common problem for patients who experience dental phobia which prevents them from getting professional dental care.

What is sedation dentistry?

Your Ontario dentist uses sedation to establish a relaxed, easy and calm state through the use of sedatives. He uses sedatives to combat the patient’s anxiety and administers it depending on the patient’s level of anxiety and pain tolerance. 

Patients have the option to choose how sedation is given to them. They can choose oral sedation where they can take a pill the night before and an hour earlier than the appointment. Another type of sedation dentistry is through an inhaled gas, also called as laughing gas sedation.

Benefits of sedation

The best thing about sedation is that it creates a comfortable experience where patients don’t remember going through the procedure anymore. It will appear as though they have slept throughout the whole duration of the treatment. However, sedation still provides a level of consciousness to ensure the patient’s safety and full cooperation.

Another major benefit is that would appear that the procedure was quick and easy when in reality it’s not. Suffice to say, the patient won’t feel any sign of discomfort. Thus, some complex procedures like implants and root canal therapy will no longer be a painful experience for you.

Talk to your dentist. He will identify which type of sedation you need to secure that there is no discomfort during the procedure. Therefore, the use of sedation will mainly depend on the procedure and your level of pain tolerance.

sedation dentistry

Types of sedation

The level of sedation dentistry ranges from mild, moderate to deep. Your dentist achieves this with the help of different sedatives. Here is a more in-depth description of each type of sedation:

  • Anxiolysis – This refers to minimal or mild sedation that your dentist uses to relieve anxiety. An example of this is the inhalation of analgesia or also known as nitrous oxide.
  • Moderate Sedation- This level of sedation puts you in a level of consciousness. This means that you can independently retain your reflexes and respond to verbal and physical stimulation. There are two types of moderate sedation:
  1. IV sedation  – Your dentist performs an Intravenous or IV sedation dentistry through your veins. This will make you feel as if you are asleep.  * Erbsville Dental does not offer IV sedation.
  2. Intramuscular sedation – This involves injecting sedatives into the muscles of the upper arms.
  • Deep sedation – Patients under this type of sedation often lose consciousness however they can still respond to the dentist after repeated stimulation.  * Erbsville Dental does not offer Intramuscular sedation.

General anesthesia is typically used in surgery and to a small percentage of patients who are not a good candidate for sedation dentistry. Your dentist will only discuss this option if your pain tolerance is low.

If you are experiencing any form of anxiety or discomfort while you are visiting your dentist, then sedation is for you. This helps alleviate that feeling of uneasiness and will provide you with a wonderful and comfortable dental experience. You can continue to smile your way outside of the dental clinic. If you want to know more about the wonderful benefits of sedation, you can visit your local dentist today.