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Partial Dentures in Waterloo

Posted in cosmetic dentistry

Partial dentures can be a good choice financially if you only have a few teeth missing.

Why use partial dentures?

Partial dentures are a less expensive choice if you only have a few teeth missing.

They also keep your other teeth from shifting and make it easier to chew your food properly which helps aid digestion.

Partial dentures can help give you a great smile as well.

How do partial dentures work?

Partial dentures fit in the gaps of the missing teeth and are anchored around the natural teeth that are still there.

They can be used in the front, on the side, on the top, or on the bottom.

What is the difference between partial and full dentures?

A partial is a better choice if you are only missing a few teeth and the rest of your natural teeth are in good condition.

Unlike a full denture that replaces all your teeth, a partial will only replace those missing.

Using a partial allows you to keep as many of your own teeth that are good as you can.

What is the cost?

The cost while it is less than a full denture, will depend on a few factors.

Those factors are;

  • The number of teeth
  • The type of the material used
  • How much if any is covered by insurance it will depend on the dental insurance policy you have

Generally, the cost of a partial will between $1600.00 and $2400.00, depending on the type of retainer and how many teeth it will hold; as well as how much the natural tooth has to be shaved for the anchoring of the partial.

However, a partial implant will be much more.

Talk to your dentist and denturist to find out if partial dentures in Waterloo are the right choice for you.