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How to Manage your Teen’s Dental Habits

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Does your teen have good dental habits?

Teens often have to deal with braces as well as busy schedules with school and after-school activities. Of course, teens always are in a hurry to spend time with friends so they cut short their dental hygiene routines and hurry through their chores.

Helping your teen establish good oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene begins in the home; however, your pediatric dentist Waterloo can help you teach proper oral hygiene early.

Today there are plenty of teen products that you can use to help your teen have healthy teeth.

Also, you can use apps for timers to help them make sure they are brushing long enough.

Help them avoid sugary foods and drinks as they can lead to decay. Well balanced diets rich in calcium and minerals help promote healthy teeth.

Make regular dental appointments for them to have regular checkups and cleaning.

Tips you can give your teen to help their dental habits

Provide them sugarless gum to chew after lunch or meals where they can’t brush their teeth afterward. If your teen has braces you may want to provide them with a good rinse that your dentist recommends.

Talk to them about using mouth guards when playing sports to protect their teeth and/or braces from trauma.

Explain how smoking is bad for their teeth and it causes stains.

Drink plenty of water it helps wash bacteria from the mouth so it does not cause decay or gum disease.

Make sure that your teen understands gingivitis and the harm it can do to their teeth.

Your Erbsville Dental office can provide more tips and products that can help your teen have better oral hygiene habits that will lead to healthy bright smiles.