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The Whitening Experience

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Professional Teeth Whitening

At Erbsville Dental professional whitening is offered free for new clients during their first cleaning and check up. Professional teeth whitening is a three-step process. First, a mould is made of your teeth. This is done at the end of the check up. Second, you will need to schedule a five-minute appointment so the hygienist can check the fit of the whitening trays made from the dental mould. Lastly, you use the whitening kit you are given at home including two syringes of whitening gel and the form fitting trays.

The Moulding Procedure

After your teeth have been cleaned and after Dr. Mathews checks your teeth, the hygienist will bring in two sets of dental moulds filled with a cream-colored gel. One for the top teeth and one for the bottom. She gently places the moulds in position for you then asks you to close while keeping your lips over the mould edge. The molding gel is tasteless and at room temperature. After the mould is in place it only takes a few seconds (10-20) to firm up. The hygienist gently removes the set-up gel to keep the shape intact. Then the process is repeated for the opposite half of your mouth. The whole moulding process only takes 10 minutes and is completely without discomfort. A perfect replica of your teeth is left impressed for the trays to be made.

The Five-Minute Appointment

When the silicone teeth whitening trays are ready you can come back to the clinic (Erbsville Dental) to make sure they fit properly. You can either wait until your next cleaning or you can come back approximately two weeks after the moulding process. A hygienist will check to see if any adjustments are needed and if the trays stay firmly in place. This appointment is a pleasurable experience and lots of friendly advice is given so that you feel comfortable doing the whitening at home. If you have any questions, they are answered clearly. Once you get home remember to put the two syringes you received in the fridge as they are light and heat sensitive.

Professional Teeth Whitening at Home

The final step in the teeth whitening process is doing it yourself at home. This part is simple and can be done at your convenience. In each of the trays place a ½ pea sized drop of whitening gel in each tooth space you wish to whiten. Keep in mind, only your dentist and hygienist see your back molars so you might want to focus attention on the teeth that are seen when you smile. For the first two whitening sessions don’t exceed twenty minutes. You may notice some tooth sensitivity after whitening, this is common. Later you can increase whitening time to forty-five up to one hour. The longer the session, the more sensitivity you could experience, so whiten according to your comfort level. Do not leave trays in for more than one hour. After each use clean the trays with hot water and scrub with a clean toothbrush. You should notice a difference after just one week of whitening.

You can get whitening syringe re-fills at Erbsville Dental for just $12 each, and whiten when you feel the need, keeping the trays which should last a long time. Be sure to give your teeth a break between two-week whitening cycles. Two weeks to one month in between is recommended. Happy whitening everyone.

Erbsville Dental offers all sorts of cosmetic dentistry including professional teeth whitening, tooth veneers, implants, crowns, and more.

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