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Sedation Dentistry in Waterloo Safe?

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Waterloo sedation dentistry is perfectly safe for both adults and children.
It may surprise you to know that a number of the population experience some level of anxiety or fear when going to the dentist.

How sedation dentistry works

If you or your child is extremely anxious or afraid of going to the dentist for procedures even cleanings, the dentist can sedate you.
You will be awake but less anxious or afraid.
Using sedation dentistry allows the dentist to care for yours or your child’s teeth.
Regular checkups and cleanings are needed to prevent cavities and gingivitis.
By using sedation the attention your teeth need from the dentist will be done without traumatizing your or your child.

How is sedation given

Sedation can be given in three ways; oral, IV, and inhalation.
If you or your child is afraid of needles then oral or inhalation methods will be used.
IV sedation is generally used for a deeper sedation for the patient to be semi-conscious.
Are there side effects of sedation
Most side effects of sedation are mild.
They range from; sleepiness, wooziness, uncertainty, short-term memory issues, slower heart rate and breathing, reduced judgment, and mood swings.
With children, the side effects may take longer to wear off whereas, adults it should take just a few hours.
You will need to check on the child frequently for the first 6 to 8 hours to see if the sedation has worn off.

Sedation dentistry addictive

No, even if you need sedation dentistry twice a year you will not become addicted to sedatives used.
You should discuss this with your Waterloo dentist if you are a recovering addict or have an addictive personality.
You should also discuss any medications you or your child are currently using before having sedation dentistry.