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Improve Your Smile Now Through Dental Dentures

Posted in Dental Dentures, and General Dentistry

Do you have missing teeth that need immediate replacement? Loss of teeth can cause you to shy away from smiling, and it could affect your speech as well. Many experience teeth loss and they look for a quick replacement to it. One of your restorative options are dental dentures. Dentists use dentures to re-establish the complete look of your teeth and restore your perfect smile. Dentures replace the lost teeth as well as cover the socket and the surrounding tissues of your gums.  

Types of dental dentures

Dental services in Waterloo Ontario offers different types of dentures depending on how many teeth need replacement. Below are the different types of dentures.

  • Partial plate dentures are recommended when one or more teeth needs replacement. This connects to a metal frame which helps maintain the placement of your dentures. If one or more natural teeth are still intact in the upper or lower jaw, partial dentures are necessary.
  • Complete dentures have two types which are conventional and immediate. This type of denture replaces all your teeth which requires extracting some of your natural teeth. The difference between these full dentures is the availability of usage.

The placement of conventional dental dentures is 8-12 weeks after your teeth extraction. By this time, the gums have fully healed. This ensures that minimal adjustment is necessary for your dentures. It saves you more time and visits to your dentist if you choose this option.

Advance preparation is necessary for immediate dentures. This ensures that you will not leave the clinic without your teeth replacement. It no longer requires the gum to heal before the placing of your dentures. However, you need to visit your dentist again after your gums have fully healed. Your dentist will ensure that the denture fits you perfectly. He wants you to feel comfortable when you wear your dentures.

  • Fixed dentures help restore your teeth by surgically planting the replacement teeth to your jaw. These dentures include fixed bridges and full denture implants. The fixed bridge is a form of a partial denture that replaces one or more teeth. Full denture implants replace the roots of the natural teeth with metal screws. Attached to these metal roots are the dental crowns.

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How are dental dentures made?

The orthodontist creates complete and partial plate dentures in a similar way. The creation of dentures may take a few weeks and several appointments with your dentist.

  • Your dentist will make a series of impressions from your dental arches or jaw. It will measure how much space is necessary for the dentures to fit you perfectly. After this, your prosthodontist will create a mould using wax or plastic material.
  • To ensure that you are comfortable with your dental dentures, your dentist will make an assessment. He will examine its shape, colour, and fitting.  As time goes by, your dentures will need adjustments to ensure that it still fits you comfortably.
  • A regular visit to your dental clinic will be necessary to ensure that everything is working properly. However, partial plate dentures may not need as much adjustment as compared to complete dentures. This is because the attachment is on the existing natural teeth.

Your dentist designs dentures to look like natural teeth. This way, you will have a better-looking smile with your dentures on. Have the confidence to flash that bright smile in public this year.

If you have missing teeth and you want to improve your smile this 2019, visit your local dentist today.