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Smooth Children Sedation Dentistry in Waterloo

Posted in Dental Care, Pediatric Dental, and Sedation Dentistry

Many individuals have a phobia to visit the dentist. These fears lead a person to avoid or delay the treatment. The patient will not even go for regular visits to the dentist. These simple problems then turn into undiagnosed and severe issues. These issues are more complicated to treat. We have a solution which can help the patients to overcome the fear of children sedation dentistry Waterloo.


Sedation helps the patient to stay awake and allows him to feel relaxed and less anxious. The amount of sedation has an impact on memory that how much the patient remembers about the procedure. However, the patient will remain conscious during the entire procedure. Sedation allows the patient to move along with intact reflexes. The patient can also react to the dentist. For more information , you my contact us.


The situations in which the sedation dentistry is applicable are following:

  • Children who have never visited the dentist to receive the dental treatment.
  • Children with past bad dental experience
  • Children who have less threshold for pain
  • Uncontrolled gag reflex
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Uncooperative children
  • Dental procedures of long duration


There are three methods by doctors at Erbsville Dental for Children Sedation Dentistry in Waterloo.


Moderate sedation can be achieved by oral medication or by a nose. The patient can take the medication one hour before reaching the clinic, or can also take the medicines after entering the hospital because it takes 20 minutes to be effective. The oral sedation will result in sleepiness, difficulty in speaking, the patient might need an attendant with him all the times. This process is recommended for patients who have severe anxiety.


Minimal sedation can be achieved by inhaling nitrous oxide also termed as “laughing gas.” The dentist places the mask over the nose which allows normal breathing. It releases the mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. The patient will achieve the euphoric and relaxed feelings within 5-10 minutes. The inhaled method of sedation allows the dentist to control the amount of sedative. The inhaled sedation is preferred in people who are agitated to undergo the dental treatment.

 I/V Sedation

It is another option which helps in sedation for people who have a phobia for dental treatment. However, it is delivered by a needle into the patient’s vein. The I/V sedation then helps in immediate reduction of anxiety and pain.