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Mouth Guards in Sports: A Necessary Piece of Equipment

Posted in Pediatric Dental

With more and more of our children participating in one sport or another the sports mouth guard is an important piece of safety equipment. A sports mouth guard Waterloo can save you money in emergency dental services and/or emergency room visits.

Types of mouth guards

There are three types of mouth guards.

  1. Stock is preformed and can be purchased in most sporting goods stores. The problem with these types of guards is there really is not much if anything you can do to improve the fit.
  2. Boil and bite this guard comes shaped you then boil and bite to improve the fit to your mouth. Most of your sporting goods stores will have these and possibly some pharmacies. While these fit better than stock guards they are not quite as good as custom fit when it comes to comfort and protection.
  3. Custom fit is made from an impression of your teeth that is sent to the dental lab. They offer the most comfort and best protection but cost more than the other two. However, the comfort and level of protection far outweigh the price difference.

Type of injuries prevented with sports guards

The most common injuries prevented with sports guards are:

  • Chipped tooth
  • Fractured tooth
  • Knocked out or loosened tooth
  • Cuts to lips and tongue
  • Gum injuries
  • Concussions less likely as the mouth guard disperses and cushions the energy of the hit evenly through all the teeth

If your child participates in any sports they should have a good dental sports guard to protect their teeth and mouth

Your dentist in Waterloo can help you determine which type of mouth guard will best suit your child’s needs by the sports they participate in.