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Waterloo Dentist: Save Your Smile with a Sport Mouth Guards

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How can you protect your smile when playing sports?

Sports mouth guard Waterloo can help save your smile during contact sports.

Types of mouth guards

There are three types of mouth guards which you can purchase.

  1. Boil and bite these you purchase in a pharmacy or sporting goods store, boil them then place in your mouth and bite down hard to mold them to your mouth

  2. Custom these you purchase at your dentist, who will do an impression or take a digital impression in order for the lab to make a proper fitting guard for you personally

  3. Stock these are premade and can be bought at sporting goods stores the problem is they may or may not fit properly and therefore they may not provide enough protection

How mouth guards protect your mouth

Mouth guards for sports; protect your mouth and teeth from trauma and injury during sports contact.

If you are hit in the mouth with a ball or puck the mouth guard will help protect your teeth from being broken or fractured. You are less likely to need to emergency dental procedures from cuts or breaks with a good sports guard.

The mouth guard will also help disperse the hit more evenly and absorb a lot of the shock from a hit which will help protect from a concussion and broken jaws.

They will help protect braces as well.

When to wear sports guards

Whenever you participate in any sports; even gymnastics can cause trauma to the mouth if you fall and hit your face.

Even if the kids are just tossing a football in the backyard they should use a sports guard to help protect their teeth and mouth.

Erbsville Dental can help you with a properly fitting sports guard.