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While At Home – COVID-19

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

During the COVID-19 lock-down many have changed their habits because of being stuck inside. Dentists are reporting an increase in emergency appointments. As many people increase their TV and movie watching, the amount of snacking they do increases as well. There have been many dental issues caused by one of Canadian’s favorite treats, popcorn. Hard uncooked kernels can chip, or crack teeth and corn shells can lodge themselves in tight uncomfortable places. Popcorn is not the only culprit. Stress also makes people do other unhealthy things from a dentist’s point of view. Some, subconsciously chew on pens; others crunch on ice as a stress reducer. Whatever the case, be aware to be careful with your choices.

If you are working from home, it may be impossible to be as productive as you were before the lockdown. You can however avoid unnecessary snacking by staying busy and focused. If willpower is low, try to avoid anything that might result in an emergency dental visit. Sometimes the little things we do add up to be significant. Use the opportunity of being at home to improve the frequency of brushing & flossing. Form better habits. Many whose dental health is poor, justify it by claiming a lack of time. Hence, make the most of the extra time you have. Habits formed now when you have time to implement them can last into the future when thing get busy again.

There are times though, that even when doing everything right, we still find ourselves with a dental emergency. “Time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all.” Keep Erbsville Dental’s phone number handy. Call (519) 342-1166 or email if you have a dental emergency, even during the COVID-19 lockdown. If you are wondering if what you have qualifies as an emergency? Click here for the answer.

At Erbsville Dental in Waterloo, we support the effort “flatten the curve” of the virus and prevent our health system from becoming overwhelmed. Stay home, but do not suffer in pain with a dental problem.

Stay safe everyone.