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What do Your Teeth Reveal About You?

Posted in cosmetic dentistry, and Dental Care

The Anatomy of Teeth

“The mouth is a region of some interest to biometrics researchers.” – One study suggested that your teeth are second only to your eyes as the feature people remember the most. Forensic science has long used a person’s dental uniqueness to solve some of the most hideous crimes. There is no doubt about it, your teeth can reveal a lot about you. Learn more about The Anatomy of Teeth.

What are some of the things about your smile that might get noticed? The shape, color, and alignment of your teeth can reveal facts about your age, diet, health, and personality to the keen observer. However, lets begin with the obvious and discuss how a healthy white smile can boost your confidence.

Confidence Booster

A beautiful white smile doesn’t always belong to just youthful people. Erbsville Dental can help you maintain a beautiful full set of teeth into old age. Often success at work or relationships can be represented by a great smile. At least having a white, healthy, confident smile may make a person look successful, well off, even more employable. Our culture implies it. However, truthfully at best, it means that such a person is diligent, consistent with their dental routine and therefore, likely consistant with other things in life as well. Conversely, stained teeth can give the impression of indulgence, bad habits, and even laziness. But, what else can our teeth reveal about a person?


Your central incisors, the teeth most people see the most can reveal your age. Square and short central incisors can indicate old age, as rounded edges and rectangular shaped front incisors means youth and vitality. Your lateral incisors, the teeth next to the two most popular can give away your gender. Feminine lateral incisors are rounded and a little shorter than central incisors, where more square, lateral incisors that are closer to the same length as their central neighbours are masculine traits.

Your Personality

Moving away from genetics and science and indulging the phycological side of your brain you may briefly entertain the idea that canine teeth can expose to others your personality type. It has been suggested that the more prominent and sharper the canine teeth, the more aggressive and outgoing the person. Whereas, rounded shorter canines means a person is more passive in nature. Is it physical or is it just a practical result of things associated with aggression? For example, isn’t it true that people who take chances are often more stressed and prone to teeth grinding which might result in sharper canine teeth?

Delete Your History

Did you know that adult teeth can even reveal whether you sucked your thumb excessively as a baby? Protruding misaligned bite patterns are often give aways that you had your thumb in your mouth for most of your childhood. Smokers and coffeeholics alike have yellowish stained teeth that give away their owner’s bad habits. However, cosmetic dentistry can change your history or erase all signs of the past. Erbsville Dental has the power to delete the record your teeth have on display. Veneers, implants, crowns and bridges can be custom made to tell a different story. Ask today what options are available to you. Read more about cosmetic dentistry.