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Mini Dental Implants: The Best Alternatives To Traditional Implants

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Also, think of patients who are wearing full dentures. In some cases, denture adhesives would not be strong enough to hold the artificial teeth in place. They are prone to slip, hence, patients feel uncomfortable when eating or talking. The mini teeth implants would be ideal to hold the dentures, making them a sturdy base.

Dentists also recommend mini implants to patients who lost their front teeth or premolars. Also, they would use these to patients with smaller teeth.

Advantages of mini dental implants

Less invasive procedure

An oral surgeon performs the mini teeth implants procedure, however, surgery is no longer required. He only needs to create small holes in the jawbone to make room for the mini implants. In effect, the procedure is only done in a single appointment, and the patient’s healing process is faster. A simpler dental procedure translates to lower cost as opposed to full dental implants cost.  

No bone grafting required

In dentistry, bone grafting is a procedure where the surgeon replaces missing bones to repair fractured bones of the teeth. In a traditional implant surgery, this pretreatment is necessary prior to placing implants. Yet, in mini dental implants procedure, this pretreatment is no longer required.

Cost effective

full dental implants cost

Mini implants costs more than half than traditional implants. That’s because the mini implant treatment involves less invasive process and minimal materials. The full dental implants cost usually starts at $4000 CAD while mini implants cost only start at $500 CAD. Now that’s a huge savings! Moreover, patients who have existing dentures can have their artificial teeth retrofitted for the mini implants.  

It’s never too late to replace your missing teeth or have a durable base for your dentures. See your dentist in Waterloo, Ontario to discuss your treatment options such as implants and crowns. Dentists have used dental implants for more than 20 years to restore and replace missing teeth. Over the years of their dental practice, they have introduced mini dental implants to their patients. These implants are made of single metal screws that are smaller in diameter with less than three millimeters. These dental devices have a ball-like protrusion that connects to the patient’s dentures or crowns.

However, while this option is available, it doesn’t mean that any patient can choose this over the traditional implants. As any dental procedure, you have to qualify for this restorative option to ensure the success of the mini implant treatment. On one hand, patients who don’t qualify for the traditional implants surgery can definitely rely on this treatment. What’s more, they can save on dental bill than paying for the full dental implants cost.

Who are good candidates of mini dental implants?

Patients who have experienced facial trauma are most likely to have lower jaw bone density, however, they can still have implants. While traditional implants require enough jawbone density, mini dental implants don’t. That’s because the latter have smaller diameter, making them a great option. Additionally, if the location of the treatment has a narrow space, mini implants would be used.