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The Best Toothbrush

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

Another question that many ask their dentist is; what is the best toothbrush you can buy? Dr. Mathews has a favorite, but before we tell you what it is consider the long answer.

From a dentists point of view, the practical brush is best. Although a manual brush used properly can clean your teeth well, there are some advantages to electric toothbrushes. A major advantage is timing. Some electric brushes will automatically time each session of brushing, giving you an idea of how long you need to spend brushing. This teaches you to do a thorough job. Some even divide the time (beeping or vibrating) into quarters so you spend an even amount of time on each section. This can be a game changer as most people who use manual brushes spend less than 2 min. brushing. If you don’t have a brush that does this, try using a 3 min. egg timer or a stopwatch on your smart-phone every time you brush. You might be surprised at how little time you have actually been taking.

The two most popular brands are the Braun Oral B (Round Brush Head) and the Philips Sonicare (Oblong Brush Head). The best of the two depends on your circumstances. Things to consider are the brushes technology (how it works), it’s design, features, noise level, the amount of accessories, the quality, the price and battery life for traveling.

The best brush is the one that is used often. So get the one you like. As for Dr. Mathews, he will tell you he prefers the Philips Sonicare.

Come back soon for Erbsville Dental’s next blog. We will be writing about the best techniques for brushing and flossing, how to develop good dental habits in your kids early on and the importance of brushing your tongue.