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The Best Way to Pull a Tooth

Posted in General Dentistry, Tooth Extraction, and Wisdom Teeth

Door Knob and String

“I remember as a child thinking it was barbaric when my father suggested tying a string to my lose tooth and the other end to a doorknob, then slamming the door to remove my tooth. So, if I knew as a child that something wasn’t quite right with that idea, then what is the best way to pull a tooth?” – Site Administrator

Well Meaning Family Member

Let’s consider two different situations where people become confident about pulling teeth. The first is when baby teeth are about to fall out naturally to make room for adult teeth.  Commonly a kids central incisors fall out at age 6 or 7, lateral incisors are lost between the ages of 7-8, and canine or cuspids fall out naturally around 10-12 years old. It’s in this range you get some crazy methods of pulling the already lose teeth by well meaning family members. For example, watch the video (below left) of Danny, who uses a soccer ball to extract his tooth. NOT RECOMMENDED.

Under the Influence

The second situation where some decide it’s a good idea to pull their own teeth is under the influence of alcohol. If more proof was ever needed that alcohol can impair good judgment, this is it. You can find some horrifying videos of alcohol induced tooth pulling that would make your skin crawl. You can see a rather mild version (below right) where a friend helps his older buddy remove a tooth that has been bothering him. Only later to find out he pulled the wrong tooth. Take special note of how the tools they use are “sterilized”. Again, NOT RECOMMENDED.

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The Best Way to Pull a Tooth – Get Your Dentist to Do It.

There are many good reasons to visit a dentist for all situations requiring a tooth to be pulled. First and foremost is that in many cases where a tooth is causing problems it can still be saved. Sometimes locating the actual source of pain and discomfort can be difficult and inaccurate, resulting in “self proclaimed dentists” pulling the wrong tooth. Even when a baby tooth is almost out, and it’s easy to identify the right tooth, you can still do damage to your mouth with “unconventional” tooth extraction. Let baby teeth fall out naturally. You can speed up the process by gently wiggling the tooth but don’t do it to the point of discomfort. If a lose baby tooth is early or late falling out or if the lose tooth becomes too much of a nuisance. Ask your dentist for advice.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

There is one last situation where tooth extraction must be done by a professional (either a qualified dentist or oral surgeon).  Wisdom teeth, whether impacted or exposed can be very difficult to extract safely. Do not attempt to remove a 3rd molar (wisdom tooth removal) without medical training. Chronic damage can be done in unseen places, like the jawbone, other tooth roots, and tissue and nerves below the surface. Opening areas to your blood stream can also result in serious infection that can spread throughout your body. You can also easily change the appearance of your face that can be permanent. There is a reason why Maxillofacial Surgeons spend years in school before operating on anyone.

Calling Dr. Stephen Mathews or Dr. John McIntosh is the best way to pull a tooth. Never try this on your own unless absolutely necessary. Dr. John McIntosh a Maxillofacial Surgeon is part of the Erbsville Dental team that specializes in wisdom tooth removal.

This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Accordingly, always seek the advice of your Dentist or other healthcare providers regarding a dental condition or treatment.