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Tips for Getting Affordable Dental Bridges

Posted in General Dentistry

A bridge can be necessary to fill in gaps between teeth. Having teeth missing can have a negative effect on a person’s appearance and functionality. Dental bridges for teeth replace those that are missing. However, one of the things that discourage people from getting Waterloo dental bridges is the cost.  There are different types of bridges for teeth and it is possible to find ways to save money.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Bridges

The actual cost of teeth bridges can be dependent on a wide variety of factors. These include:

  • Needing other procedures to adjoining teeth such as fillings or root canals before bridges can be applied can cause the overall price to increase.
  • Dentists and lab technicians can charge for their own unique artistic techniques.
  • Where the dentist is located can affect the price.
  • How much coverage is provided by an insurance policy? Look over the policy – there may be some areas where some money can be saved or certain approvals to be obtained that can reduce the costs.
  • The material used to make a bridge can also affect its cost.
  • How many teeth are affected and are directly influenced by the bridge treatment.

A dental bridge in Waterloo is probably going to cost between $700 and $1500 for each tooth depending on these factors.

How to Pay for Dental Bridges

If your treatment is not covered entirely by dental insurance, you still have a few options.

In-House Finance Options – Many dentists will work out a payment plan and allow you to make a down payment along with monthly payments until the balance is paid off. Some dentists also offer patients a discount if they pay it in full with a single payment. Usually, the dental office staff will assist patients in finding a repayment plan that will work for them and fit in their budget.

Finance Options – Sometimes, third parties can be enlisted. You may contact a financing company such as Capital One to help pay for dental work and dental bridges. A financial institution can offer financing options that will fit into a budget.

Insurance – Take a good look at the insurance policy. There are sometimes stipulations and requirements that accompany treatment procedures. Be sure to follow their guidelines so you don’t get stuck paying more than your fair share. They may require pre-authorization. Make certain you understand their procedures so you can follow their requirements. In some instances, insurance companies only pay for basic procedures. Become familiar with what the insurance company will pay and what portions you will be responsible for paying out of your own pocket.

How long will bridges last?

Teeth bridges can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years if they are treated properly. As long as you observe good daily oral hygiene and visit the dentist for checkups on a regular basis, they should last a very long time. Taking proper care, just like caring for your teeth, can help improve their expected longevity.