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What Are The Best Tooth Replacement Options For You?

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

Discovering the best tooth replacement options widens the horizon for patients who know only a few. Dentists replace teeth when they succumbed to decay, cavities, or root canal. Patients opt to get tooth replacement to regain full functionalities of their teeth.

Learn about your tooth replacement options

A dental clinic in Waterloo gives a number of options for teeth replacement to patients. They let their patients pick the one they feel best for them.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges make use of the teeth beside the empty socket. It uses a false tooth to fill in the gap and serve as the replacement for the lost tooth. Dentists contour the nearby teeth to ensure the crown fits when they put it on. Dental bridges are considered to be one of the best tooth replacement options.


Dentists find dentures easy to make since these are removable. They form this according the the shape of your mouth and teeth. Their appearance matches the natural look of the patient’s teeth. Dentures are further classified by a dental clinic in Waterloo into partial or complete.


Patients use partial dentures when the nearby teeth cannot support a dental bridge. Dentists recommend using this type when only a tooth or two are missing. They ensure the partial dentures fit the patients’ gums where they cling on to the nearby teeth. Hence, preventing it from sliding out of place. Patients consider this as one of the best tooth replacement options since it’s removable and easy to clean.


Complete dentures replace the entire teeth, either the upper, lower or both. Dentists make sure that these fit the patient’s mouth and secure with an oral adhesive. Just like partial dentures, patients remove this at night or when they want to clean it.

Dental implants

A dental clinic in Waterloo shares that dental implants replace teeth also. Dental implants consists of two parts. The implant that serves as the anchor in the jaw. This holds the crown in place. Dentists recommend this as it feels and works like the natural teeth.

When patients lose their teeth, they always find the best replacement for them. Remember to always consult your dentist before choosing one of these.