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Know What Dental Mouth Guard Is Best For You

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

Are you worried about teeth damage when you play sports? Do you struggle with anxiety that outdoor activities could knock your teeth out? If you are dealing with these questions and you want a solution today, then dental mouth guards are for you.

A dental mouth guard is a rubber-like mould that fits exactly over your teeth and gums. This acts as a cushion that protects your teeth from clenching, gnashing and grinding or bruxism. It also gives your teeth protection from damage or injuries when you  play sports such as hockey or boxing.

Dental services in Waterloo Ontario provides you with a wide range of options for your mouth guards. Your orthodontist will prescribe a mouth guard depending on what you need it for. You could use it while doing sports or as protection to your teeth from grinding at night.

Various forms of mouth guards are available for you to choose from. A bunch of cool mouthguard designs offers attractive forms and colours to suit your taste. The colours of these moulds range from clear, coloured, to multi-coloured. Sports mouthguards even have some customized colour combination that matches the sports team that a patient supports.

Three types of dental mouth guards

  1. Stock mouth protectors. These are ready to wear mouthguards that come preformed to suit the shape of your teeth. They are usually affordable and you can buy them at sporting goods stores and department stores. The downside of a dental mouth guard like this is that there are minimal things you can do with the fitting. It is also bulky, interferes with breathing and makes talking difficult. The amount of protection they offer is also very little which is why they are not recommended by dentists.
  2. Boil and bite mouth protectors. This type offers better fit and protection to your mouth. Thermoplastic is the main material used which makes it pliable, easily adapting to the shape of your teeth. You need to place it in hot water for the mouthguard to soften. This will help customize the fit on your teeth. Use your finger and tongue pressure to ensure that it takes the shape of your teeth. This mould also provides you with many cool mouthguard designs.
  3. Custom-fitted mouthguards. These are individually designed by your orthodontist to fit your dental arch. The production of the moulds is made in a dental office or in dental laboratories. Your dentist makes an imprint of your teeth which will be the basis of your dental mouth guard.

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Reasons why you need a dental mouth guard

Possibilities of injuries may happen if you are not protecting your teeth from outside forces. Here are several reasons why wearing a mouth guard is necessary.

  • It reduces the risk of breaking your teeth or jaw when engaging into sports. It also protects your teeth alignment as well as your jawbone.
  • The moulds are customizable and there are cool mouthguard designs available in the market. Patients can still opt to have a clear mouth guard which also helps protect their teeth without the creative looks.
  • Mouth guards are more affordable than having your teeth treated for damage or injuries. Dentists recommend wearing mouth guards most especially if you are playing sports to prevent mouth injuries.

Taking care of your dental mouth guard

To ensure the longevity of your mouth guard’s great condition, here are some things you need to do:

  • Cold water cleaning and rinsing before and after use of your mouth guard. This preserves the form as the cold water freezes the mould.
  • Put your mouth guard in a breathable container. Air circulation protects the mouthguard from damage.
  • Avoid placing the mould in high-temperature areas. This includes boiling water, under direct sunlight, and hot surfaces.
  • Regularly check your mouth guard for holes or signs of wear and tear. These damages affect the fit and level of protection that the mouthguard offers. It will also cause you discomfort while wearing them.

Having that unnecessary anxiety about teeth damage can be a buzzkill and can affect your focus on your daily activities. Prevent injuries to your teeth now with the help of mouthguards. These mouth protectors will help you focus more on the things that matter.

Visit your dentist today to know which one is the best for you.