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Custom Vampire Teeth

Posted in cosmetic dentistry, and Dental Implant

Permanent Vampire Teeth

Most of us at one time in our lives have tried on the novelty plastic vampire teeth. Imagine what it would be like to have permanent teeth like that? We live in a time where it is possible cosmetically to do that to your teeth, to have permanent vampire like canine teeth. This blog does not go into whether a person should do this or not. Rather it is about how it is done, and the possible side effects you could have if you decide to do this to your mouth.

NOTE *Erbsville Dental promotes a traditional approach to dental care and does not preform this type of adaptation.


In a recent blog we discussed “Our Amazing Nervous System and Our Mouth”. We have an extremely complex network of nerve cells that give our teeth, gums, and tongue the ability to move and feel. Dentists work extremely hard when filling a tooth not to alter its shape so that nothing changes the way we feel with our mouth. Even small variations can change the way we chew, affect tooth sensitivity, and even change the way we talk. When missing teeth are replaced with crowns or bridges, they are usually remarkably similar to the real tooth (or teeth) they replace.

Recontouring and Bonding

People can be born with extra pointed or slightly longer canine teeth. Some call these vampire teeth. Cosmetic dentists can reshape these to look less obvious for those who are unhappy with their appearance. A process called recontouring is sometimes done along with bonding to get the look you want. Recontouring is what it sounds like. By filing away enamel a cosmetic dentist can reshape the tooth. Bonding is a procedure where your dentist uses tooth colored resin to add to or reshape a tooth.

As you can imagine the same procedure to make you look less vampirish can also be used to do just the opposite and give you permanent vampire-like canines.

Custom Crowns

Your dentist may suggest a crown if your tooth is cracked, has an exceptionally large filling that is degrading, is significantly damaged by cavities, or has undergone a root canal procedure. Crowns made from porcelain replace such teeth and are usually made from molds of the original tooth. The crown is colored to match the rest of the teeth and fits right in with its neighboring teeth to the point that its hard to tell its been fabricated.

If a tooth can be made with such precision than obviously custom vampire or monster type replacements can be made as well.

Keep in mind that whether recontouring is used or custom crowns are made to give you vampire teeth, it is permanent, expensive, and not many dentists will do it. As a young adult you may like the idea but what might your grandchildren think? 

Side affects

Above and beyond the emotional side effects (yours and others) are the physical problems that can come from aggressively changing the shape of your teeth. Your speech and pronunciation can be adversely affected. Some with permanent “vampire teeth” develop overbites which can result in Jaw pain, severe headaches, trouble fully opening or closing mouth, sleep apnea, and other problems.

This brings us to the number one issue with custom “vampire teeth”. Think back to the plastic novelty teeth you tried on when you were a kid. If you wore them for any length of time your gums and lips probably started to hurt. This is because, our mouths are just not designed to house long sharp canine teeth. Often pain medication and antibiotics are proscribed to treat the terrible soars that the mouth develops from such unnatural adaptations.

A Note From the Writer

I am not a dentist, or someone inclined to dress up like a monster, but from what I have learned researching the subject I recommend sticking to the plastic vampire teeth, brushing before and after using them, and only wearing them for a short amount of time. But that’s just me.