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Venus White Pro to Whiten Your Teeth

Posted in cosmetic dentistry, and General Dentistry

Venus White Pro (by Heraeus)

Last week we talked about a few not so well-known facts about whitening teeth. We promised we’d share with you the whitening product your Waterloo dentist, uses to whiten your teeth. It’s Venus White Pro produced by the German company Heraeus. The results are well documented on the internet with excellent reviews from hundreds of users.

Custom Bleaching Trays

Dr. Mathews makes custom bleaching trays using an impression of your teeth. This ensures an even distribution of the whitening gel that is sent home with you in syringes so you can continue treatment. If in the future, you want to repeat the treatment the custom trays can be used over again. You should see results within 3 days of use. The gel contains 3 different strengths of carbamide peroxide which your dentist will recommend the right strength for you. It comes with a minty flavor and contains potassium nitrate to minimise the sensitivity that comes with whitening. You can wear the trey day or night for your convenience.

Lasting Results

No whitening solution is permanent, but treatments of Venus White Pro can last for years. You can also find related Venus branded products to touch-up and maintain your newly whitened teeth. The best way to maintain your white smile after Erbsville Dental and Venus White Pro treatments is to maintain a good routine of brushing and flossing. Many have found it easier to do so after being excited by the results of their whitening treatment. As discussed before, whitening your teeth can give you confidence and make you more comfortable to smile more often. Certainly, the world could use more of that.

Coordinat With Your Dentist

Whitening your teeth in coordination with your dentist is always a good idea. Dr. Mathews can help you decide what type, and what intensity of treatment is best for you. Everyone is different and all teeth whiten differently. The timing of your treatment is also good to align with your regular cleaning and check up. Usually, you would start whitening treatment only after your dental cleaning. Never use a whitening product in place of other regular dental treatments or routines. It’s recommended by the manufacturer of Venus White and most whitening products not to use if pregnant, nursing, or if you have braces.  

How to Use?

Using the whitening gel with your custom treys from Erbsville Dental is easy. First, to load the trey you depress the syringe plunger to add a small pearl of gel to each tooth on the trey. Using around 1/3 of a syringe per trey. Then, position the trey over your teeth and gently press into place. Wipe excess gel away with a tissue. Next, simply wear as instructed by your dentist. Lastly, remove the trey, rinse your mouth, and brush away any remaining gel. If at any time you experience excessive sensitivity, pause use for 24 hours. Simple enough.

Erbsville Dental Provides Cosmetic Dentistry

Erbsville Dental understands the need to have a good-looking smile. Cosmetic dentistry and whitening are important. But it’s important to do it safe. As your dental health is Erbsville Dentals first priority, you can be confident that Venus White Pro is thoroughly vetted and safe for your use. But also, you can have confidence that it works good to. Ask Erbsville Dental about whitening your teeth, you’ll be glad you did.