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Top 7 Benefits You Need To Know About Waterloo Dental Implants

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

Waterloo dental implants replace patients’ lost teeth and improve the way they look and smile. Slowly giving back the patients the self-confidence they lost when they lost their tooth. Dental implants consists of tiny titanium rods that a dentist near Waterloo surgically puts onto the patient’s jawbone. Procedure begins by removing the damaged tooth and thoroughly cleaning of the emptied socket in case there’s debris.

Once the implant integrated itself with the patient’s jawbone, through osseointegration, dentists let it heal for a few months. After which, a dental crown is placed on top. This crown appears just like the natural teeth as patients choose which shade it will look like.

Benefits from Waterloo dental implants

The Waterloo dental implants give patients a number of benefits that they enjoy for a long time. Some of those include the following.

Better dental health

With dental implants, dentists need not remove any other teeth just to put the replacement. This is in contrast with dental bridges which require nearby teeth for support. Support for the dental implant stems from the jawbone and not the nearby teeth. A dentist near Waterloo shares that the procedure does not entail removal and just improvement. When patients choose dental implants, this reduces the risk for dental problems and diseases. It fits perfectly and feels just like a natural tooth.

Speech improvement

Some patients find it challenging to speak or be understood when they lost some of their teeth. When they use ill-fitted dentures that slide inside their mouths, it disrupts the way the speak and results to stammering or slurring of words. In Waterloo, dental implants resolve this sliding discomfort and give back the patient’s words and speaking abilities. It improves the way patients speak, address people during special events or even in their daily lives. The use of dental implants lets patients speak fluently and with utmost confidence in themselves.

Durable teeth replacement

A dentist near Waterloo shares that dental implants permanently resolve a patient’s dental problems. One dental implant lasts a lifetime when patients take care of it properly. Continuously following a dental routine and booking regular check ups help maintain and preserve the durability of the implant. Just remember to consult a dentist if the implant lasted for a decade or more. This ensures its quality.

Eating becomes easier

Lost teeth challenges patients when it comes to eating. When patients eat without any teeth replacement, it results to painful teeth and gums. Moreover, wearing ill-fitted dentures affect how patients chew and it. With dental implants, they help patients eat better and enjoy their food without worrying about sliding dentures.

Prevent teeth movement

When patients lose their teeth, their jawbones deteriorate which prompts teeth movement. If patients opt to use dental implants, this prevents the movement as it stimulates movement in the jawbone. Hence, preventing teeth movement and keeps the jaw and gums intact.

Affordable remedy to tooth loss

The cost for dental implants begin at CAD 2500 depending on how complex will the procedure be. Dentists find this an affordable solution since dental implants last for at minimum of a decade. Some dental insurance providers may cover the cost for the procedure and the implant itself. It’s best to consult your dentist for flexible payment plans.

Appears like natural teeth

With dental implants, patients choose how it looks especially what color will it be. Patients choose dental implants since it improves their physical appearance. Dentists say that dental implants appear like natural teeth and function just like it as well.


Dental implants provide a more comfortable and permanent solution to lost teeth. Remember to consult your dentist when you lost your tooth.