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Waterloo Dentist: When to Reline Dentures

Posted in cosmetic dentistry, Dental Care, General Dentistry, and Pediatric Dental

Denture care waterloo is not hard to do.

In order to keep them clean, you simply use a soak and brush with a gentle toothpaste and toothbrush.

You may need a reline done in a few years but that is not hard to do either.

Reasons for a Denture Reline

You may need a reline if you are using immediate or soft lined dentures.

If you are experiencing a different fit or your dentures are making sores you may need to have the dentures relined.

If you have experienced bone shrinkage you may need a reline.

All of these are signs it is time to reline your dentures.

How a Reline of Dentures is Done

The procedure for a reline of dentures is as follows:

  • An examination is done of your mouth first with your dentures in and then without your dentures so the dentist can see any sore spots that may be there

  • If the denture is fitting loosely and you have difficulty chewing the dentist may apply some impression material to the denture and have you put them in your mouth in order to see how loose the denture is

  • Once the dentist understands how loose it is they will apply dental denture material on to the denture bake it and then polish it, once that is one they will fit it to your mouth so that it fits comfortably

You should ask your Waterloo dentist if they can make your dentures in the office or if they have to be sent to a lab.

While the majority of dentists can make and fix dentures in the office not all dentists can. Sometimes they have to be sent out to the lab often this will take a week or two during which you will be without your dentures during that time.