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Waterloo Denture Repair

Posted in cosmetic dentistry

While it is rare, from time to time, your dentures may need to be repaired.

Taking proper care of your dentures

Taking proper care of your dentures will reduce the need for repairs.

Proper maintenance of dentures includes;

  • Make sure to use a proper cleaner that will not harm the dentures
  • You still need to brush dentures; but do not use whitening toothpaste or abrasive toothpaste
  • If your dentures become loose, cause mouth sores or pain you need to go to your dentist and have them checked
  • Remember dentures can stain so pay attention the amount of caffeine you drink, also smoking can stain your dentures

Reasons for denture repair

Your denture is loose and does not fit properly is one reason you need a repair.

Another reason your denture may need repaired is that a tooth has become loose or fallen out.

Also, a small crack, if you notice a small crack or think there is a crack, immediately see your dentist.

Should denture repair be tried at home?

Never ever try to repair your dentures at home.

There a few reasons for not trying to repair your denture at home.

  1. The denture repair kits do not contain the same material as that used on your denture.
  2. You will not get a proper fit nor will you be able to sand and polish the denture for a smooth fit which will cause your mouth to become sore.
  3. Once you use a denture repair kit or anything (some people use crazy glue); the dentist can no longer repair the denture.

Cost of denture repair

The cost of denture repair in Waterloo will depend on the type of repair needed; a simple repair will cost less than a more advanced repair of several pieces.