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We’re Open for Dental Emergencies

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

What is a dental emergency?

Recently the Ontario Dental College (Ontario’s dental regulator) closed all dental clinics to non-essential service due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a result, Erbsville Dental is currently closed.  But if you have a dental emergency, we are here for you.  What qualifies as a “dental emergency?

Basically, a dental emergency is any dental problem that needs immediate treatment to stop bleeding, alleviate severe pain, or save a tooth. If you have any of these issues, call Erbsville Dental at (519) 342-1166 or email us at

Here are few examples of emergency situations that would likely be classified as urgent:

  • Swelling that is very painful.
  • Bleeding that won’t stop.
  • A toothache that hurts unbearably.
  • A permanent tooth that becomes loose or that is completely knocked out.
  • An injury to the jaw.

What can you do to alleviate tooth pain if you must wait?

Over-the-Counter Medications such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), acetaminophen (Tylenol), and aspirin can relieve minor pain from a toothache. Numbing pastes or gels with benzocaine can help to dull the pain long enough to sleep or while waiting to see a dentist.  Another more holistic pain relief is to ice it. Ice in a plastic bag applied to the aching tooth for about 15 minutes can numb the nerves.  Alternatively, you can place the ice on your cheek, close to the painful tooth. 

Erbsville Dental is There for You.

During this challenging time Dr. Mathews (Erbsville Dental, Waterloo) wants to be there for you.  Don’t suffer with any kind of dental emergency.  Your health and safety are Dr. Mathews first priority.  If you need to come for an emergency dental visit, all precautions will be taken to resolve your issue and protect you from COVID-19.

Erbsville Dental is committed to help fight this pandemic. Stay safe everyone. We look forward to seeing you again soon. For updates please follow our blog.