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Mini Dental Implants Versus Regular Implants

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Mini dental implants offer a similar solution to your missing tooth as full dental implants do. In the same way as a dental implant, these mini implants replace your tooth with small screws attached to your gums or jaw. This permanent solution promises durability and stability to your new smiles.  

Now, you might be wondering why you should consider mini implants? Are they as durable as a regular dental implant? Take a closer look at the differences of these types of implants before you decide in choosing your best option.

The difference between regular and mini dental implants

Cost efficiency

Mini implants cost starts at $700 CAD while full dental implants cost are $5,400 CAD on average. Full implants are more expensive since the regular dental implants screws are larger than the mini ones. Also, the procedure you undergo after tooth extraction is more extensive than getting mini implants. Bone grafting surgery is also necessary for full implants which is another list in the dental bill.

Materials Used

Mini dental implants use small screws which are almost half the diameter compared to a regular root replacement from full implants. Furthermore, the rounded-shape protrusion on the mini implants screws help with denture retention in the mouth. This is a great solution to patients who lost a lot of bone mass after a tooth extraction. Since dentists couldn’t apply regular implants without enough jaw bone mass, this is why mini implants exist.

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Three advantages of mini dental implants

  • Patients who have a lower jawbone density could still have mini dental implants without the need for bone grafting. This is the reason why bone grafting is no longer needed. Since this step on dental implant process is skipped, this can save you a lot more money and time.
  • The procedure that you go through is simpler and less invasive. Surgery is not necessary for mini implants which result in shorter treatment time. It will allow you to go on with your daily routine without the recovery phase from undergoing full implant treatment.
  • Since mini implants use a smaller screw for root replacement, the price is down to more than half of full dental implants cost.

Since mini implants are cheaper than regular implants, many of us think that quality is being sacrificed. Although mini implants are small, they provide significant benefits for the patient.

Mini implants aftercare

  • After the treatment, your dentist will advise that you leave the implant as they are even in bedtime. Don’t worry about the discomfort a few days after your treatment. It’s normal and your dentists may prescribe you with pain relievers to help you during the adjustment period.
  • Orthodontists also recommend that you avoid sticky, chewy and hard foods and to take small bites when eating. Considering this, you could just rely on porridge or soups until you’ve fully recovered.
  • You’ll have to remove your dentures daily for you to easily clean the area around the mini dental implants. Sure, it needs a lot of changes especially with your oral hygiene routines. However, you’ll get accustomed to it in no time.
  • In cleaning your implants, you need to upgrade your oral regimen. Brushing your teeth this time should be gentler and you have to use your Waterloo dentist recommended toothpaste. Furthermore, follow brushing with the use of mouthwash to ensure proper disinfection. The implant’s surrounding gums would also need thorough cleaning and you may use a cotton swab for this.
  • To make sure that no food ever gets stuck or leaves harmful effects on your implants, always brush after meals.

Having an awesome smile is now achievable with the help of having a mini dental implant. So, don’t let that missing tooth keep you from expressing your amiable personality. Have a tooth replacement using this advancement in dentistry and visit your local dentist to know more about this treatment. You could also check the difference in mini and full dental implants cost.