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What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Posted in Dental Care

Invisalign is a more modern way to straighten teeth. It is quickly becoming a more popular choice over traditional braces. There are several reasons that make Invisalign the better choice. Here are a few of them.

Less pain and Discomfort

One of the biggest reasons patients choose Invisalign today has to do with pain and discomfort. It’s typical for a person to experience pain and discomfort after having braces attached and each time after they are adjusted. The wires and brackets can rub and poke the inside of the mouth and cause abrasions and sores that are uncomfortable. Invisalign’s soft material construction alleviates that altogether.

Better for Oral Hygiene

Traditional braces make it difficult to brush and floss. Sometimes, a person can’t floss at all and the effect of brushing is minimized due to the way braces inhibit activities in the mouth region. Invisalign aligners are removable which means they can be taken out so patients can brush and floss as needed. Instead of allowing the teeth to build up tartar and cause dental problems and tooth discoloration which will need to be addressed later on, Invisalign allows for proper cleaning of the teeth.

No Dietary Restrictions

Because of the structure of traditional braces, many foods are off-limits for wearers. Foods that are enjoyable such as apples, pretzels, nuts, carrots, corn on the Cobb and popcorn cannot be consumed while wearing braces. However, since Invisalign aligners are removable, they can be taken out to allow consumption of these and other nutritious foods.

Almost Invisible

Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible to others, unlike traditional braces which are bulky and unattractive. Many people won’t even know the aligners are being worn unless they are told. They can also be removed so patients can attend social events without feeling uncomfortable.