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What do you do after Getting a Dental Implant Treatment in Waterloo?

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You may already have your appointment for getting dental implant treatments in Waterloo, but you’re unsure what it will be like after you get the treatments. Your dental professional will give you some specifics about what to do and not do immediately following getting dental implant treatments in Waterloo, but there are several guidelines for your oral care following the procedure.

Eating and Drinking

After you come home following your dental implant treatment in Waterloo only drink cold beverages and don’t eat anything until the local anesthetic wears off. For at least the first day, you will need to avoid foods and drinks that are hot and don’t swish any liquids directly over the implant area. Try not to disturb the area with your fingers or tongue.

First Aid Care

It’s normal to experience some bruising and swelling after implant treatments. It will usually peak two or three days out. It will slowly subside over a few days until it is gone. You can reduce some of the swelling by placing ice packs on the swollen area. Hold an ice pack, or a bag of frozen vegetables on the affected cheek. Make sure to wrap it in a towel so the skin doesn’t become irritated.  Hold it on the cheek for 10 minutes and then take a break for at least 20 minutes before reapplying it. After 24 hours have passed following the procedure, try applying gentle heat. You may also find propping up on pillows will help reduce the swelling or keep it at a minimum.

Managing Pain

Pain should not be a huge problem following dental implant treatment in Waterloo. It is normal to be sore for a few days after any type of oral surgery but it should be easily managed using over-the-counter pain medications. For the first two days following the surgery, you should take the maximum recommended dose. Take whatever medicines you typically use for managing general aches and pains like headaches and sprains.

Managing Bleeding

You may have some minor bleeding for a few days after the procedure. You can manage persistent bleeding by applying pressure by biting down firmly on moist gauze over the area. Don’t keep checking the gauze, just continue biting down firmly, but gently for about 60 minutes to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding does not stop after having pressure applied, call your oral surgeon.

Physical Activity

Right after your dental implant treatment in Waterloo, you will need to keep your physical activities to a minimum. If you do anything too strenuous, you may start bleeding or the area may start to throb and become painful. If you experienced throbbing when you exercise or get active, then you should stop immediately. Remember that you are not yet eating normally as you are consuming soft foods and you may be lacking some nourishment. This might make you feel weak and inhibit your ability to continue to exercise.