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Why Your Tooth Deserves A Dental Crown

Posted in cosmetic dentistry, Dental Surgery, and General Dentistry

You might have heard from your dentist that you should have a dental crown, also known as cap. He wants to protect your teeth from damage. The digital dental X-ray revealed that your tooth is weakening and is prone to crack anytime soon. However, you’re still not convinced to go through this cosmetic and restorative procedure. Read on so you will discover why your tooth needs a crown.

A dental crown in Waterloo Ontario is a tooth-shaped cap placed on top of your natural tooth. It restores the shape, size and appearance of your natural tooth. The crown also helps protect a weak or damaged tooth from decay and further damage. This also holds the dental bridge.

The dental crown procedure will depend on what you need it for. It is commonly used to restore the tooth’s shape and from crack or discoloration. This gives your smile a natural feel and look.

Reasons why you need a dental crown

A dental crown is not exclusive for cosmetic dentistry. Here are six reasons why you need a crown on your tooth.

  1. Tooth aesthetics is one of the reasons why you need a tooth crown. This way, you will never be embarrassed to smile again in public because you’re confident of how your teeth look.
  2. Dental implants make use of a metal screw to be the new root of your tooth. This could be visible and unpleasing to your eyes if these are left uncovered by your dentist. The dental crown procedure is the last step performed by your orthodontist after the implant surgery. This will help the metal root of the implant to blend well with your natural tooth.
  3. Discolouration of the tooth may happen to you. This could be a result of poor diet, smoking or aging. This makes the tooth appear different in colour than your other teeth. Crowning of the tooth solves this issue by making sure that all your teeth look the same.
  4. Dental bridges are necessary if you are not eligible to have a dental implant. The surrounding tooth of the missing one needs to be prepared and scaled down to make room for the dental bridge. A crown is created for these surrounding tooth to hold the placement of the bridge.Why Your Tooth Deserves A Dental Crown-2
  5. Decay can cause severe damage to your tooth. This causes the tooth to either be trimmed down or extracted. If your tooth is trimmed down from the decay and it appears uneven then the dental crown is necessary to make your smile even. This protects the remaining part of your tooth from further decay or damage.
  6. Restoration of a broken and cracked tooth is another reason why having a tooth crown is crucial. Smiling with a damaged tooth can be very awkward and restoring it will surely gain back your confidence.

Know the types of dental crowns

Dentists use different materials in crafting crowns. However, he still wants you to choose your preferred material for your dental cap. Here are the different types of material used in your dental crown:

  • The use of porcelain or ceramic on your crown helps attain a natural look of your tooth. This is the best option for patients that are allergic to metals.
  • There’s also a variation called porcelain fused with metal. These are cast metal crowns that’s covered with porcelain for added strength and durability. The metal component is thin yet strong and it perfectly fits on the tooth.
  • A more affordable type of crown is the composite resin. This provides you with better budget options. However, they wear down over time and are prone to fracture and denting.
  • Another type is an acrylic based crown, that’s commonly used as a temporary dental cap. The dentist uses this crown as you have to go through an immediate dental crown procedure. This temporary dental cap offers an immediate solution while your permanent crown is still being crafted by your prosthodontist.
  • Permanent dental caps use stainless steel and metal such as gold and platinum. These materials are strong and can withstand the test of time. You won’t need to worry about your crown getting cracked or damaged.

Dental caps or crowns offer a great restorative option for your compromised tooth. They protect the remainder of your tooth to ensure that further damage is prevented. Crowns improve your smile and boost your confidence. Don’t let your damaged tooth affect the way your smile. Visit your local dentist to know more about having a crown for your precious tooth.