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Top 6 Reasons Why Dental Cleaning Is Crucial For Your Oral Health

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

Regular dental cleaning is necessary for great oral health. However, many patients often neglect this due to several reasons such as time and cost of the procedure. They don’t consider how much they could save in the long run if they have a biannual schedule of an oral prophylaxis.

It’s true that taking care of your teeth can be done daily through your oral hygiene routine. Yet, there are still a few details that can be missed if you do not visit your dentist regularly. This can lead to more severe diseases in the gums or infection caused by plaques and tartar.

Six reasons for having a  regular dental cleaning

Many patients secure good oral health through brushing, flossing and rinsing. However, these are only the initial steps to teeth cleaning. Having a regular visit to your dentist for cleaning is also needed to ensure that disease and decay are prevented. Your dentist in Waterloo Ontario is an expert in performing a dental cleaning procedure. Here are 6 major reasons why a regular dental check-up is crucial to keeping your oral health in top condition.

  1. Cavity prevention

Plaque build-up is the leading cause of tooth decay. This acidic substance erodes the enamel of your teeth. If the enamel is deteriorated, your tooth’s dentine will be exposed which can cause sensitivity and discomfort. Brushing, flossing and regular dental cleaning can help prevent these films of bacteria from destroying your natural teeth.

  1. Prevents tooth loss

Periodontitis is a gum disease caused by hardened tartar in the surface of your teeth. This is also known as calculus. As periodontitis advances, the plaque moves further down in your tooth. This eventually destroys the supporting bone in your jaw, causing your tooth to loosen and fall out. The chances of tooth loss due to plaque formation is greatly reduced with the help of a dental cleaning procedure.

  1. Illuminates your smile

Drinking tea, coffee, wine and smoking cigarettes can stain your teeth. Brushing and flossing alone may not be able to remove these stains. If you want to make sure that you stay away from staining your pearly white teeth, regular cleaning is necessary.

  1. Fresher breath

Bad breath is caused by bacterial build up in the mouth. This can be prevented by good oral hygiene. You need to brush, floss, and rinse your mouth with an oral antiseptic daily to avoid having bad breath. Additionally, going through a professional dental cleaning is another measure to keep your mouth odour free.

  1. Secures your overall health

Many studies show a relation between your oral and overall health. Regular cleaning can help lower your risk from diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Medical conditions such as an oral cancer can be detected in its early stage during routinary oral examinations done by your dentist.

  1. Save money

A dental cleaning procedure will cost you money; however, this is a good investment for your oral health. You will save more on your medical expenses when you prevent severe and life-threatening oral and health issues. You’re not only assuring yourself of a healthy mouth, yet you’re also nurturing a healthier version of yourself.

Two phases of a dental cleaning procedure

dental cleaning procedure

The first phase is the evaluation and visual examination of your oral condition. Your dentist takes a digital X-ray to check the condition of the roots of your teeth. This will help your dental hygienist identify any underlying oral issues.

The second phase is the professional cleaning. This is where your dentist carefully removes the tartar and any specks of dirt that have accumulated in the surface of your teeth. The level and duration of the cleaning will vary depending on the condition of your teeth.

Your dentist puts high priority in keeping your oral health in top condition. There are a lot of factors that can help you boost your overall health. Take a further step in your dental care and you will surely thank yourself for that. Call your local dentist and schedule an oral prophylaxis today.