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Why You Should Select Dentists for Your Kids Carefully

Posted in Pediatric Dental

Some parents are content to take their children to a general dentist because they already have a relationship with them. It is best to take children to a pediatric dentist. It’s not because they are “better” than a general dentist, but because they can offer your child specialized focus that may not be available with a general dentist.

Why choose a pediatric dentist for kids?

A pediatric dentist has between two and three years more training beyond what it takes to become a general dentist. Much of the additional education they receive prepares them to care for the dental needs of children specifically. Their educational experience tends to emphasize child psychology as well as their growth and development. Not only are pediatric dentists trained to treat and examine children, they have the specialized training to know how to make children feel more comfortable and relaxed. They also use equipment that is more kid-friendly and appropriately sized for the smaller mouths of children.

What is pediatric dental care?

A pediatric dentist’s primary goal is to provide dental care for children. This includes regular examinations, risk assessments, and preventive dental care. They will offer child-specific treatment options such as fluoride treatments and sealants. A pediatric dentist will also recommend sports guards for kids who are active, offer habit counseling to break thumb sucking or pacifier use, suggest tooth straightening treatments, diagnose oral conditions, and make repairs to teeth caused by cavities or defects. They may also provide care for any dental injuries a child sustains and provide educational resources for helping children maintain healthy teeth into their adult years.

When should a child visit the dentist?

It is generally recommended that a child visit the dentist about every six months to ensure their mouth, teeth and gums are well taken care of and healthy.