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Wisdom Teeth Removal, Earlier is Better!

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Why You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal Earlier

As we get older our bones typically get less malleable and more brittle. Older bones also heal slower and ache more when injured. This certainly includes the bones in our jaw. Teeth anchored in our jawbones like wisdom teeth, are much easier to remove from younger teenage bones. Even though wisdom teeth rarely sprout past our mid twenties, the difference can already be felt. Wisdom tooth extraction at an earlier age can also be better because the teeth may be less grounded, with underdeveloped root structures that are more easily dislodged.

Missing pain doesn’t always mean missing problems. With many medical conditions, prevention is often the best cure. Wisdom teeth can often be a threat to future oral health and overall health. Removing wisdom teeth early can prevent future conditions like tooth crowding, pain, damage of jaw nerves and bones, as well as cavities. Impacted wisdom teeth growing beneath the surface can swell and form pockets of fluid housing bacteria that can easily spread to other teeth.

In some cases, tumorous tissue can grow because of untreated impacted wisdom teeth requiring surgery to remove. It makes sense to remove arrant third molars, before they can impact other permanent teeth and structure you will depend on for decades to come. Wisdom teeth growing in crooked can also damage other tooth roots as they grow and progressively interfere with them.

After the removal of impacted wisdom teeth that are embedded in the jawbone, you will experience some post-surgery discomfort. Reducing the amount of swelling can drastically reduce the pain you could experience. Gently applying ice to the area as well as taking any prescribed medication will bring comfort while you heal. Maintain your oral health with a good germ-fighting mouthwash until brushing is comfortable again.

Help from Erbsville Dental

In most cases, the earlier you remove wisdom teeth, the better! Ask your dentist what the best course will be for you. Erbsville Dental has a new oral surgeon specializing in wisdom teeth removal. Meet Dr. John McIntosh.

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