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Wisdom Teeth Surgery: A Quick Overview

Posted in Dental Surgery

We all have wisdom teeth.

Whether we will need surgery for those wisdom teeth will depend on several factors.

Factors that require surgery on wisdom teeth

Here are a few factors that may require surgery on wisdom teeth;

  • The wisdom teeth are impacted (meaning they will not come in)
  • Not enough room for them to come in
  • They may be pointing in the wrong direction to come in properly
  • Can lead to abscesses because they will start to poke through gum allowing food in causing infection

What does wisdom teeth surgery involve

There are a couple ways wisdom teeth can be extracted.

  1. Local anesthesia can be used to numb the area; then the gum may need to be sliced open, sometimes even the wisdom teeth will need to be cut into pieces.
  2. General anesthesia can be used so the patient is asleep; often only used if more than one wisdom tooth is being extracted at the time or requires more involved extraction as it is pointing in the wrong direction.

After wisdom teeth surgery be sure to follow your oral surgeons post op instructions to reduce the possibility of infections, dry sockets, or other health issues.

Find the right oral surgeon for your wisdom teeth

Finding the right oral surgeon for you wisdom teeth should not be hard.

First, your primary dentist will recommend that your wisdom teeth be extracted and recommend an oral dentist to you.

Second, you can ask family, friends, and co-workers that you respect for their opinion on a good oral dentist.

Last, you can check with your local dentistry board to see who is on their list.

Oral dentist in Waterloo for wisdom teeth extraction

There are plenty of good oral dentist available for wisdom teeth surgery in Waterloo.