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Wisdom Tooth Removal Erb St, is it a Necessity?

Posted in Dental Surgery, and General Dentistry

The third molar, known as the wisdom tooth, is the last to grow in the mouth. Normally, it appears during the stage of late adolescence up to early adulthood. During a dental check-up. You can discuss with your dentist about wisdom tooth removal Erb St if you notice a third molar growth. The dentist takes a digital x-ray of your teeth to determine the molar’s growth, and if removing it would be a better option.

When is it necessary for wisdom tooth removal in Erb St.?

For some people, their mouth cannot accommodate all 32 teeth. By the time the wisdom tooth comes out, it cannot grow normally. This is when an impacted wisdom tooth happens and should be checked by a dentist near Waterloo. Here are two cases when wisdom tooth removal is necessary:

  1. The tooth is impacted. Since there is not enough room for the tooth to come out, it grows incongruent from your normal teeth. It comes out sideways, partially, or in the  wrong direction. This could affect and damage the next tooth.
  2. The tissue is impacted. The wisdom tooth remains hidden under the gums and is susceptible to collect bacteria. This could lead to a gum infection in the future.

However, there’s no need for wisdom tooth removal in Erb St. if:

  • It has fully erupted and has grown healthy. There is no sign of tooth decay or gum inflammation surrounding the tooth.
  • It has positioned correctly and is properly aligned with its opposing tooth.  It does not interfere with the normal function of the tooth beside it.
  • It can be easily reached by brushing and flossing for oral care purposes. Your dentist near Waterloo will advise proper cleaning on hard to reach teeth to avoid bacteria build up.

Many dental surgeons perform wisdom tooth removal Erb St. Take the time to set an appointment with a dentist near Waterloo for a detailed explanation about this procedure.